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Life’s a peach, so make some shortcakes

Who said all shortcake had to be topped with strawberries? It turns out, my kids aren't huge fans of strawberries — something to do with the seeds. This made me sad, because I have fond memories of strawberry shortcake all summer long when I was growing up. ... Continue reading


Marketing firm survey says Jayhawks are state’s most famous brand

Never underestimate the reach of a powerhouse basketball program. I’ve had a student from China tell me, when settling on an American university to attend, that he picked KU because he’d heard of its basketball team and thought it was cool. I know people who never attended ... Continue reading


Panhandler allegedly impersonates police officer; hair-pulling on a futon; man accused of stealing ham, snack cakes; transient man reportedly refuses to leave woman’s home

After my [experiences during a police car ride-along early Saturday morning][1], I don’t understand why anyone would want to impersonate a police officer. One man apparently thought the risk was worth it on Sunday. Around 3:30 p.m., **a 55-year-old transient man allegedly approached a child downtown, stating ... Continue reading


What naming Montell Cozart the starting QB means for Kansas football

By now, you've all surely heard that Kansas University junior [Montell Cozart has been named the Jayhawks' starting quarterback][1] for the 2015 season. So what does this mean for the team, for Cozart, for first-year coach David Beaty and for the upcoming season, which kicks off 12 ... Continue reading


Planners looking at trading some downtown parking spots for additional bicycle parking; Alvamar redevelopment recommended for approval by planning commissioners

Maybe it is time to start trading some car parking spots in downtown Lawrence for some bicycle parking spots. Maybe it is time for me to start wearing my cowboy hat and chaps when riding a bike to downtown. There is an idea floating around that could ... Continue reading


Tyler Gregory to reunite old band for weekend hootenanny

Get ready for a hootenanny this weekend. For the first time in two years, [Tyler Gregory will be joined by The Bootleg Band (formerly the Bootleg Bandits) for an actual stage show][1] (and not just a casual jam) at the Bottleneck this Friday. This is significant because ... Continue reading


Ride-along recap: What I learned from the passenger seat of a Lawrence police car

It’s interesting. In my position, I’ve seen so much. Mangled cars, blood and bruises, arrests, you name it. But it’s always been from a reporter’s eye, which I learned this weekend is only part of the story. Today’s Lights & Sirens will be a little different, as ... Continue reading


New school year brings new traffic booth locations, people and more at KU

Today is the first day of school for KU’s Lawrence campus, and with this new school year comes a number of new things. From newly located traffic booths to multimillion-dollar new buildings to beaks on buses, here are a few worth noting: **Newly relocated traffic booths** There’s ... Continue reading


How controversial killing of Cecil the lion may boost local start-up company; get ready to add Haskell Lane to your city map

A Douglas County startup company may receive a boost from, of all things, that infamous Zimbabwe hunting trip that killed Cecil the lion. Don’t get me wrong: Dennis Steinman, founder of Lecompton-based Iron Mountain Products, isn’t advocating you go kill a beloved lion. But if you do, ... Continue reading


‘Women for Kansas’ to organize Lawrence chapter

The relatively new political group [Women for Kansas][1] will hold organizational meetings this week to launch a chapter in Lawrence as it gears up for the 2016 elections. Deena Burnett, a former teacher in the Lawrence school district and a former president of the Lawrence Education Association, ... Continue reading


What caught my eye at Day 14 of KU football’s 2015 preseason practices

Throughout the offseason, spring ball and preseason camp, one of the biggest buzz words surrounding Kansas football has been competition. On Friday, during a practice that was split between the practice fields and the turf at Memorial Stadium, we got a heavy dose of competition from start ... Continue reading


Woman allegedly bashes truck with golf club; false alarm on kidnapping call; man causes ruckus in trailer park; firefighters collect Muscular Dystrophy donations

Hell hath no fury like a woman (allegedly) scorned, if the playwright William Congreve is to be believed. **Wednesday, 7:58 p.m.** A 56-year-old woman is allegedly seen with a golf club whacking away at a truck in the Montana Mike’s parking lot at 1015 Iowa St., according ... Continue reading


‘The Look of Silence’ a fascinating, must-see documentary

A companion piece to the best documentary of the last 10 years is playing at the [Alamo Drafthouse][1] in Kansas City, and it sheds more disturbing light on the darkest depths of men’s souls, but for the first time offers a sort of catharsis as well. **“The ... Continue reading


Meeker resigns as Democratic Party chair

The Kansas Democratic Party confirmed today that Larry Meeker has resigned as chairman of the party after only five months on the job. Kerry Gooch, the party's executive director, confirmed that Meeker submitted a letter of resignation Friday, just as the party's state committee is gathering in ... Continue reading


More details emerge on application process to fill vacant City Commission seat; new plans filed for redevelopment around Alvamar golf courses

Your mother was right. You should have spent a little less time being a yahoo and little more time listening to your English teacher talk about the finer points of writing a good essay. Why? Because if you want to fill the vacant seat on the Lawrence ... Continue reading


Four things to watch for at Kansas Democrats’ DemoFest

The Kansas Democratic Party will gather in Wichita this weekend for its annual mid-year DemoFest convention. Usually in odd-numbered years, these conventions can be something of a yawner. But this year could be different, with the 2016 elections coming up, and internal angst growing within the party ... Continue reading


What caught my eye at Day 13 of KU football’s 2015 preseason practices

Thursday's practice started with a bit of patriotism for the Kansas University football team, as rear admiral Mark W. Darrah of the United States Navy spoke to the Jayhawks about leadership and the importance of operating as a team. Although the guest speaker sounds like something that ... Continue reading


Man ditches $9 cab fare; one accused of stealing superglue; reading while driving?; police foundation golf tournament coming up

I realize that when you’re hailing a cab at night, there’s a good chance you’re not exactly in your sharpest frame of mind. But you still have to pay your driver. Just after 10 p.m. Tuesday, a man got a cab to take him home to a ... Continue reading


Where did all the lilacs go on Lilac Lane?

After hearing all the lilacs had suddenly disappeared from Kansas University’s Lilac Lane I thought, “No way,” and went to see for myself. Sure enough, every bush has been ripped out, and there’s just mud where they once lined the street behind Fraser Hall. At least for ... Continue reading


New poll shows most Kansans are more moderate than GOP, but can Democrats win the trust issue?

Democratic operatives in Kansas are touting new polling numbers this week that show most Kansans are more moderate than Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-led Legislature on issues such as taxes, school funding, environmental and economic policies. But even the people who commissioned the poll concede that ... Continue reading