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How do you like your drink?


Alcoholic beverages have been around probably nearly as long as civilization. The practice (or consequence) of allowing a substance to spoil through yeasts that produce ethanol has become a modern art-form. Today, we have fine wines, beers, liquors, brandies, etc.The state of intoxication is likely one of the most ancient behaviors of humans. Some archaeologists who study rock art hypothesize that some petroglyphs and pictographs represent so-called 'entoptic phenomena,' or 'closed eye visuals' in modern psychedelic circles. These are abstract patterns such as those that one might notice immediately after rubbing one's eyes.The Vikings had mead. The Mediterranean had/has beer and wine. Some tropical groups make an alcoholic beverage from the interior of the sago palm. The Japanese have Saki. The Germans have beer. The Incas had chicha. The Aztecs had pulque. Heck some northern Mexican aboriginal groups (i.e.--the Cora and Huichol) had devised rudimentary stills to concentrate the alcohol produced in pulque--the fermented sugary juice of various agave species. Essentially, they invented tequila.Today we have a liquor store or bar in nearly every podunk town in America. No doubt, alcohol has been a contentious substance in America's history. In modern times, we still have 'dry counties' where no alcohol can be obtained.What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Personally, I'm a beer drinker. IPA's and other hoppy beers are popular in the US right now, and I have to admit, I purchase them often. I also like pale ales and stronger ales like barleywines, imperial, and double styles of beers. I've been known to enjoy dark rum and homemade Kansas wine, as well. How do you like your drink?[This entry is not intended to promote the consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. It is merely an inquiry of curiosity regarding the beverage preferences of individuals of legal drinking age.--RWC]


Linda Hanney 9 years, 9 months ago

Hands down, beer. Very cold. Bottle. If given a choice, pale ale. The first is the best.Agree that wine is nice--however, kicking back with a bottle of beer is cheaper. Oh yes, brandy if I have a cough.

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