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See the Lambs, All A-Crying


Those who practice the politics of suffering strike blows intended to wound every good effort to increase economic demand. Without increased demand, there will be no jobs growth. But the Chicken Littles who proclaim the sky is falling look only in one direction for shelter: tax cuts. Theirs is a one note world view.

The administration needs an immediate, massive public education effort, undertaken by leading economists, and yes, the effort can be bi-partisan, to examine the views of economic policy, and of those who mislead policy discussions by irrelevant examples, imginary threats, fallacies in logic, distortions of history, and old fashioned appeals to fear. It is amazing that most news programs now only have single guest experts whose job is to “interpret” the policy proposals for a $14 trillion dollar economy in sound bites less than 120 seconds long. Policy makers chase political numbers; analysis has become market driven.

The omission of facts, charts, graphs, and other visual aids in a visual medium is clearly intended to be deceptive and spread half-truths that have a full measure of fear and suffering. Economics is a dismal science not because its principles are muddled or unworkable; instead its sound body of developed knowledge and applications is clouded by those who alter and deliberately mis-read facts and exchange them for a currency of apprehension and distress, while sending links and posts to each other to congratulate themselves on the success of their efforts. But their success continues to be the country's downfall. Jobs will not come except from demand; and evil can not beget good.

In the still of the political eclipse, both Wall Street shares and corporate profits are up. Personal money spent in California races exceeded the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts. But the country is dominated by the politics of suffering. Like sleath figures, the corporations walk past the struggles of workers and families to cloak their patriotism in lobbyist fees, secret contributions, and frozen hiring while being awash in cash.

The very, very sad news is as the gap among the people widens, the consolidation of power narrows. The election already shows, that after the voting, not much will change. The tea party candidates, if elected, will be co-opted. Corporations who becry the yoke of government will continue to yoke the government by shifting expenses and costs for everything from training to health care to public platforms. Neither side seems to have any interest in governing; mastering its principles, and if you do, you are shunted aside. Power and money attract synophants. Those who seek office have already proven they can ignore truth, facts, and progress to serve their own interests and ambitions. It’s a simple step to serve and pander for interests of wealth and power even greater than their own.

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