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Two Generals Face a Single Issue


http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2010/Jun/30/Petraeuswhitehousemay2010.jpg The single issue shared by Generals Kagan and Petraeus, the two sides of the coin they hold in common, is what to do with the legions of enemy combatants that keep attacking us in the war against terrorism.

For the general responsible for the overseas terrorities, do we pile on and map out fire fights for another year? At the cost of how many more American lives? To what end? To enrich Karzai; to funnel money to the Taliban through the war lords providing road security? To aggravate ethnic tensions by dispensing instant safe status and cabinet positions to former Taliban while excluding from power those groups who carried out the country's resistance before the calvary came to complicate things?

From the Afghan, the whole thing sounds like a modified repackaging of thugs extracting tribute watching your car in crime-ridden neighborhoods; money can't buy friends, and after the pay-off they still hurt you and rip-off your car.

http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2010/Jun/30/KaganObamaWHMay2010.jpg To the general who hopes to ascend to the court deciding legalities for the Homeland, do we corral Afghanistan and hold the population as enemy combatants indefinitely? We don't need charges since the battlefield for terrorism lies in winning their hearts and minds.

Agreeable on procedures, both Generals sanctioned and tapped by the imitable SC Senator Lindsay Graham, neither General was willing to question the common goal. They both swore a common blind faith to a increasing bitter taste: a war that cannot be won.

Were Generals Kagan and Petraeus nominated by Obama or the Red Queen (from “In the Looking Glass," the one who believed in impossible things; all it takes is practice).

from Emily Dickinson's "An Awful Tempest Mashed the Air,"

An awful tempest mashed the air, The clouds were gaunt and few; A black, as of a spectre's cloak, Hid heaven and earth from view.

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(Photos from the official White House photostream, White House meetings with Generals Petraeus and Kagan in May 2010. Permission granted to reprint for news and education as a US government work.)


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