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Jim DeMint's Waterloo


Jim DeMint is mad, but not without method. That combination makes him dangerous.

His madness is not being anti-Democratic or fiercely partisan; it is the utter lack of moral compass, compassion, and vision for the people of the nation or the state he represents. “It will break him.” His now famous quote about the President's call for health care reform is only the tip of how misplaced his values and vision is.

It's scary that DeMint is willing to sacrifice 47 million Americans without health care, millions of others who face rising premiums, and even more millions for whom treatment is controlled by a distant tele-administrator who determines what treatment you can receive and what treatment will be paid for. Who cares, expect DeMint, if health care breaks Barack? Is there no compassion or moral urgency by DeMint to lower prescription costs, improve prevention programs, and snatch leadership away from the Democrats by actually developing legislation that will bring affordable health care to the people who vote? Or is that too much to expect from a man who voted against equal pay for women and, earlier this year, voted against extending health care to uninsured children.

In a 2005, SC, DeMint's state, ranked third in infant morality (MS was #1), had 600,000 people uninsured; ranked 15th in the number of smokers, 4th in cases of Chlamydia infections, 18th in AIDS cases, 8th in obesity, 8th in diabetes, 6th in hypertension, in a state that only ranks 26th in population with 4.4 million residents (see website, Trust for America's health). Yet De Mint anti-government, partisan philosophy, conservative ideology finds traction a state in which government is the state's second biggest employer. Personal income is $28,200 a year, family health premiums average 12,600 a year, and the state's highest income tax rate is 7 percent.

The state's poor state of health, high taxes, low income, and astronomical premiums do not reflect the success of DeMint's politics.

But who cares about those who form your phalanx?

DeMint's oath, “to faithfully discharge his duties,” and defend the constitution against domestic enemies can sees to find any target except the Democratic Party. Like a brawling drunk, he lowers his head and constantly returns to the arena of partisan politics to defeat Barack Obama and the Democrats. Health care is really DeMint's Waterloo.

Obsessed with partisanship, he has no plan to improve the state's obvious abysmal quality of life, or reduce its taxes or raise its income. Like Latin America dictators, the lack of results and progress is blamed on someone else, politically constructed enemies of the state, and blame is cast as a gauntlet at their feet. He has not rolled up his sleeves like Strom Thurmond to influence legislation that helps his constituents. He is without influence among his fellow senators. His amendment to audit the Federal Reserve was blocked; he missed 400 votes in the Senate. But Jim DeMint has raised $533,000 for his Senate campaign and has 2.6 million cash on hand.

He represents a state with 12 counties (out of 46) that have had a fifth of their population in poverty for more than 30 years! South Carolina ranks 47th in life expectancy, and one region of the state has the nation's highest rate of heart attacks. DeMint's only solution to this resounding state's health care crisis is to attack Barack call for reform. “It's not personal,” DeMint said on NBC's Today Show. “We've got to stop his politics.” That's right, don't worry about health care. Politics is a healing portion for those whose psyches rage with its fires. Nero fiddled, too. But remember, DeMint has a method. Check the sudden increase in his campaign contributions.

If you don't have a good defense, attack. But when you do, you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

It's a place where Jim DeMint has sought recovery and recognition his entire political career.


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