Something Done Right

Rally the fans to watch #ksleg

Laurie L Folsom

I want all of the football, basketball, hockey, curling, and whist fans out there to consider the Kansas legislative session a "season" like any other sports season. The #ksleg season runs from January to May. Unfortunately it looks as though the whole state may be on the losing end this ...

Hello, I am a teacher...and I am a thug

Laurie L Folsom

I’m a thug. This revelation came to me two years ago as I was attending a KNEA convention in Topeka. There I was seated between a grandmotherly woman in a denim romper wearing wooden necklace and an auto tech teacher from what I like to called “western Kansas” (which translates ...

What Health Care Reform Means to Me... A Personal Story

Laurie L Folsom

My father was and still is my hero. While he was human and with faults, his story humbles me and I try to look at others with more understanding as a result. He was the only son of Swedish immigrants. He and his father worked to create the American dream ...

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