A closer look at concerted anti-union efforts across the U.S. reveals they are not about state budgets


Seems like the debate over the union-busting measures around the nation is inextricably couched in budgetary terms. Wisconsin has taken center stage in the debate and is facing a daunting budget deficit of over 100 million dollars. Jobless taxpayers across the country are faced with exhorbitant property taxes and no ...

Taking out the garbage


So I started this blog out of frustration at the level of discourse that dominates the political and social dialogue in these United States. Maybe I’m just adding to it and making the pile of poop bigger by writing a blog to vent. Some people who commented seemed to think ...

A Letter to the disillusioned


This is a letter to the people who want to take back America. No not you Tea Party guys. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve had enough with the shouting, angry, victim mentality. You’re like the guy who tries to finesse a girl into dating him with increasingly desperate maneuvers that ...

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