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In a past life I was a prosecuting attorney in Western Kansas for 10 years. The AG is the chief law enforcement officer for Kansas and prosecutors all over the state look to his office for assistance in the form of advise and sometimes staff. KBI reports to the Ag and aides local law enforcement in complicated cases, One of the AG's roles is prosecuting cases where there would be local conflict between the prosecutor and law enforcement or officials in the community. The AG prosecutes cases where local officials or state official for that matter have engaged in misconduct. The KBI assists in these investigations and reports to the AG. Under the current circumstances there are allegations of serious criminal actions on the part of the AG. These are only allegations but they must be investigated. If Kline's Special Prosecutor request KBI assistance in the Morrision investigation then KBI officers who report to the Special Prosecutor will also be reporting to the director of the KBI. The director has a working relationship with Morrison and meets with him frequently in the course of his duties. There are allegations that Morrison attempted to get information about a Kline case by using an insider, Carter. TheI director of the KBI might want a witness at any meeting he has with Morrison because the it may appear that Morrison may try to use his position to gain inside information from the KBI director. It is doubtful that Morrison would do this, but there is the potential and the appearance that this could occur. The relationship between Morrison and the KBI director and the KBI is by its nature dependent and trust and that trust now must be under serious stain.


malehrman 10 years, 6 months ago

Great points, thanks for writing this.

I think the same trust has been lost in the U.S. Deparment of Justice for what the Bush Administration, particularly with regard to the U.S. Attorney scandal as well as with their instructions not to prosecute any contempt of Congress charges against administration officials.

Justice cannot have even the appearance of impropriety or it is by definition not justice.

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