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Society Caused Military Sex Harassment Scandal

The current sexual harassment scandal comes as no surprise to those of us who understand the danger of not teaching young males to control their sex drives.

The first thing parents teach their children is to control their eating and sleeping cycles so they don't expect to eat in the middle of the night. The next thing parents teach their children is to control when and where they expel waste products so the children don't have to wear diapers. When I was young, the third thing parents taught their children was to control their sex drives.

Unfortunately, a few decades ago some very ignorant people decided there was no need to teach children to control their sexual inclinations. These people ignored the fact that all human males are natural sexual predators and encouraged them to fulfill their sexual fantasies. These people in effect told young girls that they were supposed to give into the requests of boys and learn to be sex objects.

When I was an adolescent, we boys were taught to respect girls' sexual privacy. We expected girls to tell us no if we asked to have sex with them. Girls who gave in to boys were looked down upon and considered to have a "bad reputation". Today girls who protect their sexual privacy are looked down upon.

Human males are natural sexual predators with some of us being more predatory than others. Many of us are satisfied with the situation mentioned in the old popular song -- "a boy chases a girl until she catches him." Many of us prefer a situation in which we don't have to worry about our performance being compared to other males. Many of us think there are more important activities than sex.

Other males, such as former President Bill Clinton, believe women exist to provide them with sexual pleasure and may consider themselves God's gift to women. In societies that discourage sex outside marriage these men may limit their actions to women with "bad reputations". In societies that encourage casual sex, these men may expect most women to have sex with them. They may convince themselves that women who resist their advances are "playing hard to get" while hoping to be overpowered.

A third group "goes with the flow". They will limit sexual activities if society discourages casual sex. In societies like ours they may feel that if they don't attempt to have sexual relations with women, people will think there is something wrong with them. Some of them may feel relieved if they are turned down, but still think they should make the attempt.

"Make love, not war" was a popular slogan used by anti-Vietnam War protesters. Generations of soldiers have used "making love" to forget about the realities of war. Survival in war requires soldiers to live by the law of the jungle and be prepared to kill or be killed. Wild male animals not only kill, but in many species expect to have sex. The prostitutes who served the men of Civil War Union MG Joseph Hooker are believed to be responsible for the use of the word "hooker" to describe themselves.

Soldiers fighting in foreign countries typically have used local women for sexual relief. American commanders may feel it is better for American men serving in Muslim countries to be having sex with their fellow female soldiers than having sex with local Muslim women. Officers who know they might have to send those under their command to certain death, may not understand the psychological impact of allowing their male soldiers to force their attention onto female officers.

Some male officers may have an .attitude that female personnel should consider it an honor to provide sexual services to male personnel who face potential death in battle. The more sexually aggressive men, and some women, have a less personal attitude to sex than many women do. To them, sex is just another physical activity like playing football. These men may not understand those women who only want sex as part of an intimate personal relationship.

I'm not sure of current military practices, but I have read stories in the past indicating that the military has required women to share living quarters and shower facilities with men. In addition, women have been required to exercise with men. Such practices can sexually arouse men and reduce their respect for women's sexual privacy.

In my next post, I'll discuss actions the military might take to reduce sexual assaults and harassment.

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Tired of Homosexual’s Bullying

I'm tired of homosexuals trying to coerce people into accepting their ignorant view of sexual reality. Their attacks on the Chick-Fil-A chain simply because the CEO says homosexual marriage is wrong. is unjustified bullying.

Homosexuals need to accept the fact that many people believe what they do is immoral and that same sex marriage is wrong. Most of us do things that some people believe are morally wrong.

A billion people believe that what I do for breakfast every day is wrong. Muslims and Jews as well as members of some other religions believe eating pork is morally wrong. Some individuals believe eating any meat is wrong.

Muslims and many Christian denominations believe drinking alcohol is wrong. Jews as well as Roman Catholics and some other Christian groups believe drinking alcohol in moderation is acceptable.

Religious groups usually believe the moral values they support benefit society. For example, those groups that oppose alcohol consumption do so because those who consume excess alcohol can become violent. Thousands of years of human history demonstrate the value of basing a society on marriage between a man and a woman. Religious groups understandably are concerned that same sex unions could have a negative impact on society.

In the sixties some people, including members of some religious groups, believed that those of us who served in Vietnam were doing something wrong. I didn't advocate punishing anti-war protesters for their beliefs even though I disagreed with them.

One of my favorite television show quotes is from "The Winds of War". Robert Mitchum's character, an American naval officer, tells a German military attache that he believes one of Hitler's actions was morally wrong. The German replies, "it was worse than wrong. It was a mistake."

In other words the action in question would have been a bad idea even if there weren't any moral objections.

Same sex marriage is worse than wrong. It's absurd. Same sex marriage is an oxymoron. Marriage unites the two different types of humans into a unit that contains the characteristics of both sexes. Marriage is a salt shaker and a pepper shaker. A same sex union is two salt shakers or two pepper shakers.

I strongly suspect homosexuals so desperately want people to believe what they are doing is all right because these homosexuals have doubts about the morality of what they are doing. They want others to reassure them that they aren't acting immorally.

Those who really believe what they are doing is morally ok don't care if others think the activity is wrong.

It never bothered me that anti-war protesters believed my participation in Vietnam was wrong. Their statements didn't upset me because I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. I may have had doubts about whether the people in charge knew what they were doing, but I didn't believe what we were doing was wrong.

I feel sorry for homosexuals. They are born with an affliction most of them don't understand. They are born with the body of one sex and the brain of the other. However, that affliction doesn't justify trying to coerce others into accepting their beliefs. Instead of trying to pretend they are heterosexuals by calling a relationship with someone just like them a marriage, they should be attempting to raise money for sex change operations that would allow them to have a body that is the same sex as their brains.

Homosexuals have trouble relating to the real world. They like to make believe such as by putting on black leather jackets and pretending they are "macho macho men". They have their silly little parades where they dress up in outlandish costumes much like children putting on their parents clothes. Pretending that a relationship with someone who is the same as them is a "marriage" is another one of those games.

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