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Immigrants Should Avoid Obama’s Trap

People who are in the United States illegally need to realize that President Barack Obama's immigration proposal [even if he is sincere] is essentially a trap. People who make the mistake of letting the government know they are here illegally can be deported at some later date, such as after the next presidential election.

Obama isn't really offering immigrants anything of value. "So we're going to offer the following deal: If you've been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes -- you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily, without fear of deportation. You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law."

The only thing immigrants get from Obama's deal is an opportunity to apply to stay temporarily. They have to pay whatever the IRS thinks they owe in taxes and let the government know where to find them if it rejects their applications or wants to deport them in a few years when we get a new president. Those who apply have no guarantee their applications will be accepted. The Cherokee and Sioux got better promises than that and the United States government didn't keep those promises.

Immigrants should be aware that President Obama has made false promises before. He promised American citizens: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." After Obama's health care program began four million Americans discovered Obama had lied to them when they received cancellation notices for their health care plans. If he is willing to lie to citizens, he would certainly be willing to lie to immigrants,

Those who are living "in the shadows" should stay there for now. Obama's proposal would only protect them from deportation temporarily at best.

One or more groups are likely to challenge the proposal in court. With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress there could be a revival of the birth certificate issue that would force Obama to produce his real birth certificate or at least a better forgery than the last one. The last "birth certificate" Obama posted on line was an obvious forgery because it listed his father's race as "African". The word "African" cannot be used for race because two different so called races live in Africa: a dark skinned "race" south of the Sahara and a lighted skinned "white race" north of the Sahara If Republicans could prove Obama is unqualified to be president than any immigration proposal he made would be invalid.

Obama's unilateral action on such a controversial issue will increase pressure on Congress to impeach him.

I'm not accusing Obama of deliberately attempting to deceive immigrants with his proposal. I'm afraid the situation is more a case of Obama being out of touch with reality. He has achieved the worst possible result. He has antagonized Congress without actually doing anything to help immigrants who are in the country illegally.

Obama should have consulted with Congressional leaders and adopted a moratorium on deportations of otherwise law abiding immigrants until Congress decides if some of them should be allowed to stay. Such an approach would have effectively turned the issue over to Congress, The moratorium would have been to avoid deporting immigrants Congress might decide should be allowed to stay.


Is Obama Immigration Plan a Trap?

People who are in the United States illegally need to realize that President Barack Obama's immigration proposal [even if he is sincere] could a trap. People who identify themselves to the government could be the first to be deported if Republicans can get the courts to invalidate the plan or a Republican is elected president in 2016. Those who are living in the United States illegally need to "stay in the shadows" until they can be guaranteed amnesty if they "come out of the shadows".

President Obama may mean well with his proposal, but, considering his recent security problems, illegal immigrants can't be sure something bad won't happen to him before there is actual approval of an amnesty plan. Considering how passionately some people have on the immigration issue, Obama's action may increase the likelihood that some crackpot will try to attack him.

Another potential problem is that his unilateral action may anger enough Congressional Republicans to reduce the potential for Congressional action.

There certainly will be one or more attempts to have the courts invalidate the plan. With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress there could be a revival of the birth certificate issue that would force Obama to produce his real birth certificate or at least a better forgery than the last one. The last "birth certificate" Obama posted on line was an obvious forgery because it listed his father's race as "African". The word "African" cannot be used for race because two different so called races live in Africa: a dark skinned "race" south of the Sahara and a lighted skinned "race" north of the Sahara that is considered "white". If Republicans could proved Obama is qualified to be president than any immigration proposal he made would be invalid.

A moratorium on deportation of otherwise law abiding immigrants is appropriate while there is a possibility of immigration reform. It would be unfair to deport some family just before action that would allow them to remain here legally


Time for V.P. Joe Biden to Relieve Barack Obama of Presidential Duties

Increasingly even many Democrats are recognizing that the American ship of state is foundering. It's Captain seems out of touch with reality. The Captain may be stressed out or the problem may be more serious.

The American people are losing confidence in President Barack Obama's leadership. Movie Director Michael Moore says Obama has only one accomplishment. "100 years from now: 'He was the first black American that got elected president.' And that's it."

Republican voters are increasingly vocal in their calls for impeachment. There is a less divisive way of dealing with a situation in which a president is out of touch with reality because of stress or other reasons.

The 25th Amendment assigns the Vice President the responsibility of monitoring a president's condition and reliving a president who has become unable to handle the duties of the office.

I've been concerned about Obama's mental state since the budget crisis a few years ago when he became irrationally obsessed with keeping World War II veterans from visiting their memorial. If he had been worried about protecting the memorial, I'm sure there are hundreds of military retirees in the vicinity of the District of Columbia who would have been willing to volunteer to protect the memorial.

I initially dismissed Obama's childish sounding comment about the navy during the Denver presidential debate as possibly being due to the affect of alcohol at high altitude. Now I think the comment could indicate he is out of touch with the real world.

"You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916," President Obama said. "Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed. "We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go under water, nuclear submarines," he said.

Both aircraft carriers and submarines were used in World War I. The inability to protect ships from German submarines forced the United States to enter World War I. In 1916, the British navy was the free world's protector. Now the United States navy needs to play that role. This role requires a bigger navy than the United States had a century ago.

Politico has reported that "The West Wing has a preferred, authorized distillation of the president’s foreign-policy doctrine: 'Don’t do stupid [stuff]'. The phrase has appeared in The New York Times three times in the last four days. [prior to 06/01/14] So, if the White House’s aim was to get the phrase in circulation, mission accomplished!" "Don't do stupid [stuff]" sounds more like something Wally would say to his younger brother Beaver on the old "Leave it to Beaver" television show than the basis of a serious foreign policy. No wonder Obama had trouble finding a strategy to deal with ISIS.

Obama's highly publicized coffee cup salute demonstrated an apparent lack of awareness of where he was or what was happening around him. He was getting off a Marine helicopter when he returned a salute by Marines with a hand that held a coffee cup. . Military protocol says that a salute should not be returned while holding something in the hand. Obama has gotten off the helicopter possibly hundreds of times. He should be aware of the procedure by now and be aware that the media often watches him get off. He should have known Marines would be standing guard at the bottom of the steps and transferred the cup to the other hand or simply nodded his head to acknowledge the salute.

The incident might seem minor, but such socially inappropriate actions can be an early sign of dementia. Although Obama might seem a little young to be affected by dementia, many of us believe he might have risk factors for dementia. His Lincoln like build could indicate he has Marfan's syndrome which can cause fatal heart attacks. Many of us believe he is an alcoholic which is another risk factor for dementia. Alcoholism can be inherited. Obama's father was an alcoholic and Obama admits to heavy drinking in the past.

Dementia can be difficult to diagnose because "in the beginning, AD and other forms of dementia can resemble normal aging." Obama wouldn't be the first president to have some form of dementia. Ron Reagan reports that Alzheimer's was already affecting his father, President Ronald Reagan, during the second administration.

Psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon goes so far as to say she has become “very, very concerned” that President Obama has become “irrational, erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane.”

On the other hand, Obama might just be stressed out. The pressures of the office may have become so great, he is no longer able to cope effectively with his situation.

Critics complain that he is taking too many vacations or spending too much time playing golf. These critics fail to consider that vacations and golf may be the only way Obama can cope with the extreme pressures he is under. Obama is having to deal with more pressure than any president who didn't have to deal with a major war. He continues to struggle to learn how to get sufficient support for his measures in Congress.

Numerous members of his administration have let him down, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with her foolish decision to not bring the Ambassador to Libya to Washington to keep him from becoming a target for a 9/11 anniversary terror attack.

Republicans are calling for impeachment, but impeachment would be very divisive and wouldn't be appropriate if Obama's deficiencies are due to a mental condition. Impeachment is a political decision with partisan concerns often overriding the issue of improper actions.

The 25th Amendment procedure is designed to deal with a situation where a president's condition may prevent limit his ability to handle the nation's problems. The procedure protects a president from a situation that could have potentially fatal consequences.

Historians believe that the stress of dealing with various scandals killed President Warren G. Harding. The stress of dealing with Watergate nearly killed President Richard Nixon. Fatigue from pushing the concept of the League of Nations temporarily incapacitated President Woodrow Wilson. Many historians believe his condition was so bad that his wife became the nation's virtual president.

If the stress of the presidency is adversely affecting Barack Obama's health, it would be irresponsible to not relieve him. The procedure for relieving a president under the 25th Amendment can be temporary. If Obama is merely stressed out, a temporary leave of absence could allow him to eventually return to office.

In observing President Obama the last few years I feel similar to Mr Scoff on the original Startrek series when he could sense the engines weren't functioning properly, but he couldn't tell why. Mr. Obama doesn't seem to functioning properly, but I'm not sure why. I don't know whether it's just too much stress or something more serious.

He hasn't looked well for the last month or so. Some of the video I saw of him a month ago resembled the appearance of someone who's recently been treated for cancer, although I'm sure it that were the case we would have been told. We men have a tendency to cover up health problems. We not only don't we tell our doctor, we may lie to ourselves and say nothing is wrong.


Keep in Mind that Russia Is a Democracy

The Ukrainian government and other western nations need to keep in mind that Russia is a democracy. President Vladimir Putin will have to act if his people believe the Ukrainian government is mistreating Russians living in Ukraine.

The Russians revolted after a Russian ethnic president was overthrown by ultranationalists who idolize WWII era Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. The Russians fear possible mistreatment by Bandera supporters.

I know the idea of Russia as a democracy will come as a surprise to those who believe this is 1980 and Russia is still the evil empire. Russia might not be a perfect democracy, but then neither is the United States where President Barack Obama is attempting to rule by royal decree. Russia isn't like Ukraine where fifth column like mobs overthrow governments.

The situation in eastern Ukraine isn't like the situation in the Balkans. The Ukrainian government cannot treat the Russians in Ukraine the way Serbs treated minorities in the Balkans.

If the Ukrainians attempt to mistreat the Russian separatists such as by besieging cities and killing residents with artillery fire, the Russian friends and relatives of the separatists will pressure President Vladimir Putin to do something to prevent what they may call "genocide".

The Ukrainian Separatists aren't the defenseless Kosovars. The Ukrainian Separatists have an 8,000 pound bear (who can go anywhere he wants) for a friend.


Tired of Whining Homosexuals

I feel sorry for homosexuals because they are afflicted with a birth defect they seem unable to understand. However, I'm tired of them and their supporters harassing those who don't accept their peculiar social views.

A growing body of scientific research indicates that homosexuals are born with the brain of one sex and the body of the other. A homosexual male's brain is similar to a heterosexual female's brain. A homosexual female's brain is similar to a heterosexual male's brain. In other words the people who think they are homosexuals are really transsexuals. Thus, homosexuality might be treatable with a sex change operation.

New York City and Boston homosexuals recently got upset because the organizers of the St. Patrick Day parades in those cities wouldn't let homosexuals convert the parades into events celebrating homosexuality. If homosexuals want to celebrate their condition, they should conduct their own parades instead on trying to hijack other people's parades. I sometimes wonder if the emphasis on "gay pride" is designed to convince us they are happy with their condition, or to convince themselves.

A few months ago the poor little things got all upset because one of the "Duck Dynasty" stars said homosexual behavior was morally wrong. They wanted him to be fired. If people could claim that those of us who were serving our country in Vietnam were doing something morally wrong, then people should be able to say homosexual behavior is morally wrong. Many religions call homosexual behavior a sin.

I wonder if the reason some homosexuals get upset when people say they are doing something wrong is because they feel guilty about being homosexual. People who believe what they are doing is right don't worry about "misguided" people who say what they are doing is wrong. I didn't listen to those who claimed my participation in the Vietnam War was wrong.

Christianity defines many behaviors, in addition to homosexuality, as sinful/ America's favorite sin is gluttony -- eating too much. Many people don't realize that neglecting the poor is a sin. According to Ezekiel 16:49 “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."

Cry babies at Mozilla recently pressured newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich into resigning because he didn't support the childish idea of same sex marriage. The term "marriage" refers to the human mating practice in which one member of each sex unites to form a unit that contains a complete set of human sexual traits. Traditionally the goal was to produce children, but not as many people are interested in being parents today.

Marriage allows heterosexuals to gain a feeling of completeness by joining with someone who possesses the characteristics of the opposite sex. A husband may refer to his wife as his "better half". A wife may call her husband her "other half". No state prevents homosexuals from participating in a marriage to a member of the other sex. But, homosexuals don't want to attempt the difficult task of having a relationship with someone who is different from them. Homosexuals want to treat a simple relationship with someone who is the same as them as if it were the same as a relationship with someone who is physiologically and psychologically different..

Homosexuals who want to pretend their relationships are "marriages" remind me of little girls playing house. If they cannot find a boy willing to play the daddy one of the girls will play daddy.

Homosexuals who want to play like their relationships are marriages are implying they don't want to be homosexual. They want to copy a heterosexual relationship because they would prefer to be normal heterosexuals. They don't understand that they can become heterosexual by having an operation to put their bodies on the same sexual page as their brains.

Newsweek in a May, 2012, cover article dubbed Barack Obama the "First Gay President". WND says in an article based on confidential interviews of members of Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama is a member that Obama is "Down Low" as many black male homosexuals refer to themselves. Those who are Down Low keep a low profile and marry women, some times without telling them about their homosexuality. I mention this claim because WND isn't the only source of claims that Obama is homosexual and because online sources have often revealed activities or statements by politicians well ahead of the mainstream media. Amazon even carries a book dealing with an alleged homosexual affair Obama had. The American people deserve to know if Obama is supporting homosexual causes because he is one.

On the other hand, considering Obama's support for homosexuals on various political issues, wouldn't he admit he is homosexual? The WND article states that Obama's pastor arranged marriages between homosexual men and women who were having trouble finding husbands, but Michelle.doesn't look like a woman who would have trouble finding a husband. Obviously Obama doesn't consider homosexual behavior to be wrong. Knowing that the President of the United States is homosexual would provide a major boost to homosexuals and would encourage those who are "Down Low" to publicly acknowledge their condition. Maybe he needs some encouragement from homosexuals to come out of the closet. Maybe the mainstream media could help resolve the issue by investigating it.


Barack “Don Quixote” Obama

I had a dream last night in which Barack Obama was wearing a helmet and carrying a lance like the fictional character Don Quixote who had a reputation for attacking make believe foes. The only other clothing Obama had on was swimming trunks. He was riding a horse that had a remarkable resemblance to John Kerry

As he moved his lance up and down he was chanting: "we must stop global warming." He continued to chant as the reading on the thermometer dropped below freezing and he began turning blue.

He continued chanting "we must stop global warming" as the snow began to fall. Soon the snow was up to his knees with his horse unable to move, but he continued to chant "we must stop global warning" until the snow covered him and his horse.

Obama's comments on non-existent global warming this winter demonstrates how he is increasingly out of touch with reality. Obama talked about global warming in a State of the Union speech delivered on a night when the Gulf Coast was preparing to deal with freezing temperatures. He urged businesses to switch to natural gas at a time when natural gas companies were asking for rate increases because the cold weather was creating a shortage of gas.

Obama wants to spend $1billion dealing with non-existent global warming at a time when cities are trying to find money to pay the costs of a snow filled winter.

Obama has continued to push his global warming nonsense through his Secretary of State John Kerry.

A rational president would have omitted mention of the global warming issue during a severe cold spell because he would have recognized that people who were worried about their cars slip sliding off the road aren't going to believe talk about global warming. But then a rational president would understand that the claim that CO2 causes something called global warming is nonsense. The claim is based on a 19th Century myth that greenhouses and the atmosphere are heated by trapping infrared radiation. Physicist R. W. Wood disproved this claim in 1909.

Law enforcement personnel will tell you that if a financial opportunity sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam. With political scams the reverse is true. Politicians will make the situation sound much worse than it is. For example, President George W. Bush insisted we had to invade Iraq to keep Saddam Hussein from giving Weapons of Mass Destruction to al Qaeda. The fact is that there is no way a paranoid dictator like Hussein would have given WMD to an organization that might want to take his job. The people pushing the global warming hysteria are claiming all sorts of unbelievable calamities will occur.

Obama is also out of touch with reality in the Ukrainian crisis. His criticism of Russia is questionable He calls the Ukraine a democracy even though the current change in government control occurred as the result of protests rather than election. The pro European Union group took control after members of the president's party were scared into changing sides or leaving. What is left of the government may not be sufficient to qualify as a viable national government of the ethnically divided country. Crimea is an autonomous republic within the Ukraine with a mostly Russian population. Only 28% of the population is ethnic Ukrainian. Reestablishing a stable government in the Ukraine will be more difficult if ethnic Russians are forced to be part of a nation where they don't feel they belong. Thus it would make more sense for the republic to become part of Russia then remain part of the Ukraine. Russia is attempting to stabilize an unstable political situation and prevent a civil war. Obama doesn't understand that President Vladimir Putin isn't going to destroy the government and then let the country descend into chaos like Obama did in Libya.

Obama seems oblivious to the possibility that calling attention to a nation in which protestors forced a president to resign might encourage his opponents to try to use protests to push him into resigning. His support for those who used protests to change the government indicates he considers that approach an acceptable alternative to elections.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution who is physically or mentally unable to handle the duties of President. The vice president and members of the cabinet can temporarily relieve a president who has lost touch with reality. The presidency is a high stress job and high stress can cause mental and physical problems including high blood pressure and heart disease. Many historians . believe that the stress of dealing with political scandals killed President Warren G. Harding.


Obama Acted Like a Beleaguered Dictator

President Barack Obama's use of riot police to deal with WWII veterans wishing to visit their war memorial is the type of action one would expect of a dictator who's afraid protesters are attempting to overthrow him.

Obama's obsession with keeping veterans away from their war memorial makes no sense. Why would a sane president do such a thing? Obama's actions indicate he is a compassion less vindictive individual who doesn't care about people. He wants to make himself feel important by pushing other people around.

Obama blundered badly in Syria. His proposal to bomb Syria was the political equivalent of jumping into a swimming pool without first checking to see if the pool contained any water. He lost face and needed some other way to make himself feel important by pushing someone around.

The Honor Flights that take World War II vets to their war memorial are planned months in advance and cannot easily be rescheduled. Any delay in a fight may mean a veteran could die without getting to visit the memorial. Millions of WWII vets, including my father and my uncles, died before the memorial was completed. We owe the remaining veterans the opportunity to visit their Memorial.

WWII was the second most important war against a foreign power in American history. Only the Revolution was more important. Those who served took enormous risks. Thousands could die in a single battle.

the world War II Memorial really belongs to World War II veterans. The government merely takes care of it for them. Closing off access to veterans because of a government shutdown makes no more sense than closing down public roads.

The fall of more than one dictator has begun with an overreaction to peaceful protesters. Overreaction by the dictator can provoke others into joining the protest as has already happened with he World War II Memorial. Overreaction can cause some to decide that violence may be needed to topple the tyrant. This hasn't happened yet but could happen in the future if Obama doesn't change his attitude.

Obama needs to decide if he is a President or the 2-bit tyrant he acted like during the recent shutdown. Obama may have a tall body, but there is a little man inside.

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Should Cabinet Relieve Obama of Presidential Duties?

The 25th Amendment of the Constitution assigns the vice president and members of the president's cabinet the responsibility to monitor the president's condition and relieve him of his duties if they determine he has a mental or physical condition that prevents him from effectively exercising the duties of his office. This responsibility is similar to the responsibility senior officers on a warship have to relieve a captain who is not able to effectively exercise his duties.

John F. Harris and Todd S. Purdum are reporting in Politico that: "Across the capital, anxious friends and chortling enemies alike are asking: What’s wrong with Obama?"

"It’s also true, as acknowledged even by sympathetic lawmakers and some former Obama West Wingers in recent background conversations, that his presidency is in a parlous state, with wounds that are lately self-inflicted."

I've been concerned for some time that stresses of the office are adversely affecting Obama's ability to function.

At times he seems to be losing touch with reality. For example, he seems unable to understand the seriousness of the scandals that are plaguing his administration. The scandals are as real as Watergate, not phony as Obama believes.

His irrational response to the recent chemical attack in Syria raises doubts about his fitness for office. A rational president would have waited for a thorough investigation and then presented evidence to the United Nations and/or the World Court to give them an opportunity to respond. Obama's call for an immediate violent response before all the facts are in is the type of reaction I would expect from a drunk in a bar, not a president in full command of his mental faculties.

A rational president would realize that he needed to take time to convince Americans that the United States needed to get involved in another Vietnam, Iraq or Libya, etc.

Since Obama announced he wanted to bomb Syria, German intelligence has revealed that communications it monitored indicated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had refused to authorize use of chemical weapons.

Russia is claiming it has evidence that rebels used the weapons. If so, it wouldn't be the first time an anti-government force in the region stole weapons from the government or had its personnel masquerade as government forces.

In the movie the "Caine Mutiny" the defense council for the alleged mutineers tells the court that on those on the bridge of the U.S.S. Caine could know if the captain was unable to act effectively in an emergency, Those of us who have to view the president through the filter of the media. Only those on the bridge of the American ship of state know what Obama's mental state is. Only they know for sure if the nation would be better off if Obama were temporarily removed from office.

Member of the president's cabinet need to keep in mind that if Obama has been hurt by the stresses of the office and they fail to act, they will be responsible for an disaster that occurs.

25th Amendment: "Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President."


Obama Wants Vigilante Type Attack on Syria

The important question in Syria isn't whether Syria used chemical weapons on its own people or should be punished for doing so. The important question is whether the established legal procedures should be used or whether the United States will ignore the law and launch a "lynch mob" style vigilante attack on Syria.

America's Imperial President Barack Obama has decided he is the Imperial Wizard of Earth and like other Imperial Wizards believes he can decide what punishment to apply for various infractions. Like other Imperial Wizards, he doesn't believe he needs to seek the approval of the established legal authorities for his actions.

American leaders have long touted the idea of the rule of law in dealing with questionable activities. Law enforcement officials are supposed to act within an established legal framework that regulates how they deal with suspected lawbreakers. For example, they have to present evidence of illegal activity to a judge if they want to search a suspects residence. The courts, rather than law enforcement officers determine what punishment, if any, should be imposed.

Vigilantes don't bother with using the legal system. If they believe someone has done something wrong they just impose whatever punishment they want.' A unilateral attack by the United States against Syria would be a vigilante attack unless it is preapproved by an appropriate international body such as the United Nations or the World Court.

Congressional approval of Obama's vigilante attack would tell the world that the United States is a hypocritical nation. Congress would be saying that the rule of law is good enough for the United States but not the smaller nations of the world. Congress would be saying that the smaller nations have to accept whatever treatment the Imperial United States wants to give them.


Sen. Bill Nelson in Effect Calls President Obama’s Actions Treason

I interrupt my discussion of sexual harassment in the military for major breaking news.

Sen. Bill Nelson, Democrat - Florida, in effect said that President Barack Obama committed treason by claiming that Edward Snowden's revelation of NSA monitoring of American phone calls was an "act of treason". Nelson served on the Senate Intelligence Committee for six years.

Burgess Everett reports in Politico that Nelson said, “On the issue of if this a whistleblower or is this an act of treason, I think it directly is [treason]. And I think most of the people who served on intel will tell you that,”

“I think he ought to be prosecuted under the law,” Nelson told reporters. “Extradited and prosecuted. We cannot have national security if our secrets can’t be kept on our methods of gathering information."

If Snowden committed treason by revealing NSA's program to spy on American phone calls, then President Barack Obama committed treason when he released similar information about how the CIA found Osama bin Laden. After the execution of bin Laden Obama revealed that the CIA had been monitoring al Qaeda phone calls in its efforts to find bin Laden and had used satellite cameras to track bin Laden's suspected courier.

If Snowden should be "extradited and prosecuted" as Nelson suggests, then Obama should be impeached and removed from office. Obama's offense was far more serious than Snowden's. Snowden only revealed NSA is using computers to monitor phone calls. Obama told al Qaeda the United States was able to identify and monitor its calls. Obama went further and told al Qaeda that the United States knew which phone numbers they were using.

I don't know what Edward Snowden's motive was in revealing NSA montoring of domestic phone calls. I do know that if his actions qualify as treason then so do Obama's.


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