Science Becoming Religion

Parallel Earths in Science Fiction


Theoretical physicists talk about the possibility of alternate or parallel universes as part of quantum physics. According to the theory certain quantum events would occur in one way in one universe and the opposite way in a parallel universe. In such universes one or more events that happen on our ...

Protesting NBC Child Abuse


In previous posts I discussed the abuse of babies for profit by NBC on its reality show "The Baby Borrowers,"If you agree that this series should be ended you can protest in various ways. You can tell NBC what you think on the NBC FORUMYou can protest to your local ...

NBC Abuses Children part 2


Director of the Natural Child Project child psychologist Dr. Jan Hunt, who is the director of the is very concerned about the potential negative impact of the treatment of the babies on the NBC reality series "Baby Borrowers". Hunt is concerned that the separation from parents could increase production of ...

NBC Abuses Children


NBC is abusing small children by using them for a "social experiment" and profit on a show airing on Wednesday's at 8 EDT/ 7 CDT beginning June 25 called "The Baby Borrowers" . On the program teenagers pretend to be the parents of babies by substituting for the babies' real ...

Michigan, Florida Should Sue Democrats


The states of Michigan and Florida need to tell the Democratic Party to seat their delegates with full voting rights or face the prospect of not having a presidential candidate on the November ballot in those states. Alternatively, these states should seek a federal injunction preventing the Democrats from conducting ...

Are KU Men In Danger


You've seen the following plot dozens of times on television. The police decide a death is an accident or suicide and someone like Jim Rockford, Harry Orwell or maybe Jessica Fletcher has to convince the police the death was a murder.Today two real live Harry Orwells, retired NYPD detectives Kevin ...

Sometimes Losing Is Better than Winning


One problem with political activists is that they don't realize that sometimes a party may be better off losing an election than winning it. For example, Democrats won the 1976 presidential election, but lost the next three because of the performance of their candidate after he became president. Jimmy Carter ...

Sen. John McCain and Global Warming


Unless some other candidate enters the race I will be voting for you in November. However, that is only because neither of the likely Democratic candidates has the experience to be the nation's Chief Executive Officer. Your acceptance of the nonsense about purported "global warming", which Meteorologist John Coleman calls ...

the Assault on Rev. Jeremiah Wright


The recent editorial assaults on Rev. Jeremiah Wright amount to a virtual "lynching" of him.Fifty years ago the southern white Democratic elite would have used the word "uppity" to describe an outspoken preacher like Rev. Wright. Today the predominently white elite that controls the national Democratic Party probably doesn't use ...

In Defense of Rev. Wright


I disagree with Rev. Jeremiah Wright on many things, but as an American I believe that he has the right to believe whatever he wants to believe and express those beliefs. My father believed the rights of freedom of belief and freedom of expression were important enough to risk his ...

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