Science Becoming Religion

Charles "Ted Baxter" Gibson


Charles Gibson is the leading candidate for this week's Ted Baxter Award. The award is given to an individual who has done the most to make tv journalists look bad.Democrat Gibson thought he would make Gov. Sarah Palin look bad by asking her a question for an ABC interview about ...

Earth2 - 50 Minute War _ Chap 3


Morning in The Middle EastAt 8:00 A.M. Egyptian time the new Egyptian President Abdul Takamen was preparing to meet with some foreign investors that afternoon to discuss enlarging the Suez Canal. He was very pleased with the way things were going in Israel. Takamen had a vision for Egypt that ...

Earth2 - 50 Minute War Chapter 2


Brew as usual went to bed about 11:00. He had a meeting scheduled for Good Friday morning, but then would be leaving to celebrate his in-laws 65th wedding anniversary on Saturday. The celebration would provide the first opportunity for Brew to see his new granddaughter.Brew was still adjusting to the ...

Obama "my Muslim faith"


Republicans have jumped all over Barack Obama's statement in a George Stephanopoulos interview on "This Week," on ABC on September 7. "Let's not play games," he said. "What I was suggesting -- you're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith."The Main Stream Media have largely ...

More Ice Left than Last Year


The evaluation of the situation in the Arctic is inaccurate. If there is more ice at the end of this season than last season that means ice is increasing rather than decreasing. Arctic ice may take many years to build up as some new ice melts each year only to ...

The Best Health Insurance Program


The nation's best insurance program will receive a lot of publicity this weekend. Jerry Lewis will conduct the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon this weekend. The Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon has been a tradition since the first Labor Day telethon in New York City in 1966. Lewis and former ...

Tell Congress Authorize Drilling Now


We need to tell our Representatives and our Senators who are running for reelection this year we won't vote for them unless they vote to authorize drilling for oil in Alaska, off shore, in national parks and in my back yard. I doubt that anyone would want to drill for ...

Another Bush Administration


Democrats have been claiming that a John McCain administration would be a third Bush administration. However, it's the Democrats who are offering the ticket that more closely resembles the Bush administration. Democrats will offer an inexperienced young presidential candidate with an older experienced vice president to tell him what to ...

Background Checks for Candidates


Continued questions about Barack Obama's birth certificate demonstrate that the major parties need to institute a requirement that those who want a party's nomination should first have to undergo a full scale FBI background check before seeking the nomination. Such a requirement would insure party members had all necessary information ...

Russia Proves NATO Needed


Russia's overreaction to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia demonstrates Russia is a potential aggressor and NATO is needed to prevent it from attempting to expand by force.In my previous post I indicated that Georgia's attack was ill advised and unjustified. Georgia's argument that it has an historical claim on ...

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