Science Becoming Religion

Tell Congress Authorize Drilling Now


We need to tell our Representatives and our Senators who are running for reelection this year we won't vote for them unless they vote to authorize drilling for oil in Alaska, off shore, in national parks and in my back yard. I doubt that anyone would want to drill for ...

Another Bush Administration


Democrats have been claiming that a John McCain administration would be a third Bush administration. However, it's the Democrats who are offering the ticket that more closely resembles the Bush administration. Democrats will offer an inexperienced young presidential candidate with an older experienced vice president to tell him what to ...

Background Checks for Candidates


Continued questions about Barack Obama's birth certificate demonstrate that the major parties need to institute a requirement that those who want a party's nomination should first have to undergo a full scale FBI background check before seeking the nomination. Such a requirement would insure party members had all necessary information ...

Russia Proves NATO Needed


Russia's overreaction to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia demonstrates Russia is a potential aggressor and NATO is needed to prevent it from attempting to expand by force.In my previous post I indicated that Georgia's attack was ill advised and unjustified. Georgia's argument that it has an historical claim on ...

What Was He Thinking?


What was Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili thinking when he attacked the former Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia? Did he really think he could conquer those areas without a Russian response?As the oldest of three boys he should have been aware of what can happen when big brother decides ...

Bribery at NASA?


Has James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, been taking bribes from George Soros and others? I'm not an attorney so I don't know if Hansen has actually done anything illegal. However, as a political scientist the situation definitely has an odor to it. There is ...

Political Rock Star and the School Girls


Those of us who were around in the 50's and 60's remember the way teenage school girls swooned over rock stars like Elvis Presley and the Beatles. The articulate versions of Ted Baxter who masquerade as journalists are behaving like school girls around Barack Obama.These phony journalists think that the ...

The Clinic chapter 1


by Megan as told to Reason McLucusThe story you are about to read is true. Thus locations are kept vague and, of course, names have been changed to protect the innocent.None of us remember who made the suggestion that led to establishment of the clinic, but we remember when it ...

Earth2 - 50 Minute War Chapter 1


President Willard Xavier (Brew) Brewster kept hoping someone would wake him up from his nightmare. But, he was reasonably certain he hadn't been dreaming. World War III, or at least a regional version of it, had just occurred.Brew had never wanted to be president. In high school he had planned ...

Introduction (Earth 2 - The 50 Minute War)


On the earth (Earth2) in the following story, President George H. W. Bush was reelected in 1992 with Ross Perot taking enough votes from Democrat Bill Clinton to prevent him from getting more than 35% of the popular vote. On Earth2 Ross Perot never dropped out of the race and ...

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