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Will Obomber Destroy Syria in Order to Save It?


In the Vietnam War a marine officer once commented that he was burning a Vietnamese village in order to save it. President Barack Obama's threat to launch a terrorist bombing campaign against Syria would increase the destruction of the country without any guarantee that the government would let America's Imperial President dictate how it should treat its citizens.

Such bombing campaigns have a history of failure. Germany's massive bombing of England during World War II failure to cause the country to surrender as did the American bombing of North Vietnam in the sixties. The Russians had to intervene in the Serbian conflict after the American bombing campaign failed to change things. The United States had to invade Iraq a decade ago to get Saddam Hussein to get rid of his Weapons of Mass Destruction after the bombing campaign failed to produce compliance.

Imperial President Barack Obomber has already destroyed one Muslim country in his efforts to convince people that he is Emperor of the world. Libya still hasn't recovered from his destructive efforts. His inept handling of Libya hasn't given his European friends the control of Libyan oil that they wanted when they got him to support their attack on the country.

Bombings often produce what American terrorist Timothy McVeigh called "collateral damage". President Bill Clinton's attacks on Serbia damaged a hospital and the Chinese embassy. Obomber's bombing of Libya murdered some members of Muammar Gaddafi's family with his bombing campaign. How many innocent civilians will die in Syria if Obomber gets to launch a terrorist bombing campaign against the country? .

When did the President of the United States become god of the world? Who appointed the United States to decide how other countries should treat their citizens? Would Obomber attack Russia or China if they mistreated their citizens or does he just try to bully smaller countries that are too small to defend themselves against the imperialist United States?

The United States has no moral authority to dictate how other governments should treat people considering the government's mistreatment of the country's original residents and the way it allowed the mistreatment of the descendants of slaves in the century after the Civil War.


beerbaron03 1 year, 5 months ago

"The United States had to invade Iraq a decade ago to get Saddam Hussein to get rid of his Weapons of Mass Destruction after the bombing campaign failed to produce compliance."

Remind us again how that search for WMD's went. Talk about revisionist history...

hedshrinker 1 year, 5 months ago

Any POSSIBLY valid point you might have was eliminated when you made fun of the President by calling him sophomoric variations on his name and labeling him a terrorist. This is an important and extremely complex situation to which you brought nothing but the perspective and techniques of a small boy and an agent provocateur. Interesting much of the time it's the Republicans who are calling for the US to be the policeman of the world (a point on which libertarians diverge from Republican orthodoxy). The president in fact has gone slowly and cautiously on any decisions regarding Syria (while other Republicans hawks chide him) and has been VERY careful about ANY type of aid other than humanitarian, rightly understanding Americans' war weariness and not wanting any type of military aid to fall into the hands of Al Qaeda factions in Syria. But as has been typical of any decision this President has made in the last 5 years, if he says it's white, his enemies will say it's black, even if it's the position they held before he was President. This President did not appoint himself God of the world, much of the rest of the world has been SCREAMING and BEGGING for us to get involved. This is a no win situation writ large; any decisions made are not going to be applauded by many...and it's definitely NOT just about this President's possible flaws.

Thomas Bryce 1 year, 5 months ago

I questioned the intelligence level of the author of this blog when I saw how they distorted The POTUS's name in the title of the Blog. Then I saw who wrote the blog. I have no more questions.

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