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No Dave, Undecided Voters Aren't "Idiots" ---- You Are


During the last week talk show host David Letterman has been calling undecided voters "idiots" because they are still undecided. If he actually knew anything about the candidates he would understand that the undecided voters may be the smart ones.

For those who don't watch Dave, it has been evident for a long time that he's an Obamista. He believes whatever Obama says and ignores criticism of Obama. He frequently criticized Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns while saying Obama could keep all his records secret.

Many undecided voters may be waiting to see if secret documents are released. Perhaps undecided voters are more likely to recognize that politicians that attempt to keep documents secret are usually covering up something.

Typically undecided voters in an election involving an incumbent have decided they would rather replace him, but aren't sure of the possible replacement.

President Barack Obama is clearly an ineffective president. He seems unable to comprehend the fact that the al Qaeda attack on the American consulate in Libya indicates the organization may be getting stronger, not weaker. He brags about the drop in unemployment while ignoring the fact the drop is due largely to people becoming so discouraged they have stopped looking for work. A half million have dropped out during the last couple of months.

Obama is the worst president since Gerald Ford. I've been reluctant to compare him to pre-Depression presidents because the office has changed so much since the Depression. However, Obama's recent suggestion that the navy has declined in importance like bayonets and horses, indicates he is out of touch with reality. He may be the on the way to becoming the most irrelevant president since Millard Fillmore.

The challenger Mitt Romney has thus far been uninspiring. Undecided voters want to watch him a little longer to make sure Romney doesn't self destruct.

The undecided voters are attempting to send the major parties a message. They want better quality presidential candidates from the major parties. They want candidates they can have confidence in. They want candidates they can commit to instead of having to decide which is the lesser of the two evils.


RoeDapple 2 years, 3 months ago

"Idiots"? "Obamista"? Geez, I'm not a fan either but . . . if the best you have in your arsenal is name calling . . .

Moderator? Your call . . .

WuTangStylez 2 years, 3 months ago

The only idiot I see here is the inarticulate blogger that has curiously suggested that undecided voters are largely unhappy with the incumbent and are just indecisive on the challenger.

Undecideds tend to care less about being informed on the issues, and many of them do not even watch the debates. 20% of them wind up not voting at all. The ones that do vote often base their vote on things other than the issues (i.e. "I think he is a moral man" or "I don't care for his demeanor").

That you've somehow also conflated Undecided Voter bashing with Obama homerism suggests you are out of touch with reality, since hating undecided voters tends to be something that party-line voters tend to AGREE with each other on.

The reason undecided voters are idiots at this stage is because there is a gulf between the candidates' stances on each issue, and a rational human being should easily be able to decide who they more closely align with at this stage. Undecides want to pass themselves off as more intelligent because they 'take in more time and information' to decide, but studies show that undecided voters tend to be less politically informed ( They're wafflers and undeserving of praise.

That and the fact that the quality of your writing is on par with a standard 9th grade English essay and read this was a nice waste of time. Thanks...for nothing.

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