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Palestinian U.N. Membership a Very Bad Precedent


Granting United Nations membership to the Palestinians would create a vary dangerous precedent. The Palestinians aren't the only ethnic group that desire to have their own country independent of the one in which they live. Nor are they the only group that has used violence to try to gain independence.

The Kurds have long desired to set up a country they would call Kurdistan including land currently a part of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. If the U.N. grants membership to the Palestinians, shouldn't it also grant membership to Kurdistan? The Kurds have their own culture and language.

The Palestinians are a collection of Arab peoples who happen to live within the boundaries of the nation of Israel. They are called Palestinians not because they have a unique culture like the Kurds, but because they aren't Jewish. The term "Palestine" was used by the Romans to refer to a geographic region rather than any specific ethnic group.

Might the area of Chechnya also qualify for U.N. membership? What about the Basque region of Spain? Could Tibetans argue that they should have U.N. membership even though the Chinese currently occupy the country?

If the Palestinians should get their own country because they are Muslims, what about the Uighur Muslims in China?

Many other countries have groups that might want their own country if they thought it were possible, particularly in those areas of the world where European nations arbitrarily forced different ethnic groups to live in the same country. Granting U.N. membership to the Palestinians would encourage members of these groups to develop nationalist aspirations.

There is nothing special about the Palestinians. Many groups of people would like to have their own nations. The U.N. cannot arbitrarily grant membership to the Palestinians and ignore the aspirations of the Kurds, Basques, etc.

Nations that are considering voting for Palestinian membership should make sure they don't have groups that might make a similar request.

Over the last several thousand years regions of the Middle East have been controlled by whatever ethnic groups have been strongest at the time. Some groups such as the Persians and Assyrians have established empires. Others such as the Israelites have been content to control only small areas. The current situation in Israel has been occurred many times in the past and will likely to be repeated in one country or another in the future.

The U.N. should not attempt to arbitrarily adjust national boundaries or decide which groups should have their own countries. Many of the ethnic problems in Asia and Africa are due in part to the arbitrary national boundaries imposed by imperialistic European nations If the Palestinians, Kurds or other groups want their own nations they should handle their own situations rather having the U.N. impose a solution from outside.


CN 2 years, 6 months ago

Prior to 1948 - the region known as Palestine (Roman given name) was 93% Arab (the Philistines were Greek, and, for whatever reason, disappeared early on) , less than 5% Middle East, NO EUROPEAN (generally despise ME Jews as much as Arabs. Jews, - Israel, the country, did NOT exist. Biblically, and, scientifically, Arabs were there FIRST, and, were/still are, the MAJORITY. Ishmael(Arabs) were there 10 or 20 years BEFORE Isaac(Jews) - depends on translation. Both Arabs, and, Jews have the J1 (older) and, J2 (younger) haplomarkers - Arabs have more J1, and, Jews have more of the J2 haplomarker - translation Arabs first/older in the ARABIAN, N OT< JEWS PENISULA9NON Arab Iran, and, in 1948, Israel, a part of) = Canaan = God's promised land - many do NOT realize God gave Arabs(Ishmael) land, promising to make them a great nation. Israel was only a Kingdom, consisting of a small sliver Eretz Israel, Judea and Samaria (West Bank, and, Gaza strips - this was MOT all Jews, but mixed Semitic(including Arabs, and, other NON Semitic peoples, ruled by Jews. Perhaps going back to Biblical borders is best - seriously, I support the 1967, two state, land swaps, Jerusalem shared.


autie 2 years, 6 months ago

So what if..the U.N. took a bunch of the displaced native american decent people from the Joplin area because their homes were gone...and brought them to douglas county and "gave" them a bunch of houses to live in...yours for example. How would that make you feel? The Palestinians have only been living in the region of Israel....for pretty much ever. All those displaced Jews placed there in 1947 had been gone for ..what? about a thousand years?


jhawkinsf 2 years, 6 months ago

That land has been occupied by a variety of people over the years. It has been controlled by a variety of empires over the years. The best that can be said for that land is that it has been a land in transition. And that transition has been taking place for many centuries. And that transition may continue for many more centuries. No one knows. What we can say is that the last time the people living on that land enjoyed self rule, not being ruled by some other empire, was in Biblical times.


Abdu Omar 2 years, 6 months ago

This man, who ever he is, is totally uniformed and not a reader. He doesn't know that the Palestinians occupied that territory for years and Israel was formed out of that territory not the other way around. I guess if he wanted to read a bit and do some research, he would have known that.


dcap 2 years, 6 months ago

This article is pretty inaccurate. The most glaring problem with Reasonmclucus is that the other examples of non-state entities trying to gain statehood, like the Kurds, Basques, and Uighurs are all already part of a country. The Uighurs are Chinese citizens. The Basques are legally part of Spain. Palestine is an "occupied territory", and the Palestinians are not citizens of any country. Israel occupied Palestine in 1967 and it refuses to either accept Palestine as a part of Israel or leave and allow them to form their own state.


jafs 2 years, 6 months ago


Well, firstly, the UN was instrumental in "creating" the state of Israel.

So, if we believe they shouldn't be doing that, then Israel loses it's legitimacy.


grigori 2 years, 6 months ago

Who pays you to write? I want in on that action!


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