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Homosexuals in Combat - Reality Check


Statements by military leaders that there would be no problems with allowing openly homosexual men to serve in combat zones would be more convincing if the military wasn't having a problem with its male personnel sexually assaulting its female personnel.

Female veterans on a recent PBS documentary said that women were afraid to go anywhere on their bases alone in Afghanistan and Iraq because of concerns about being sexually assaulted. The Service Women's Action Network and others have filed a lawsuit to obtain military records dealing with the extent of this problem.

The main problem with allowing openly homosexual men to serve in combat zones won't be them attacking others, but others killing them because of concerns about being attacked. Some homosexuals claim that they look at other men the way men look at women. Many could interpret this claim as indicating homosexuals might attack other men the way some men attack women. .

A woman who is concerned about a sexual assault will take defensive measures such as finding someone to accompany her when she goes some place. Men are sexual predators and when predators are concerned about being attacked they may respond with a preemptive attack, particularly when they are in a combat zone where they have to be prepared to kill or be killed.

In Vietnam, the term "fragging" was coined to refer to one American killing another particularly by using a grenade. Sometimes the target was an officer who was considered overly aggressive in combat and thus a "threat" to the life of whoever decided to attack him.

I recall reading one news article about an enlisted man in a rear area who killed his first sergeant who he claimed was putting too much pressure on him.

In Vietnam I knew some infantrymen who smoked marijuana in the rear area who said they would kill someone for smoking it in the field. There was a case just before I left Vietnam of a man who was accused of killing other members of his unit for using drugs in the field.

Rape is often associated with warfare. Soldiers released from the moral controls that discourage killing may also lose the controls that discourage sexual assault.

There is the possibility that homosexuals in a combat situation might attempt rape. A more likely situation would be a false perception that a homosexual might attack. Such a perception could lead to action against the homosexual who seemed to pose a threat.

Women know that some men sometimes misinterpret an act of friendship as an indication of sexual interest. An act of friendship by a known homosexual could also be misinterpreted, with potentially fatal consequences.

One of the motivations of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was the murder of homosexual PO Allen Schindler by shipmate Airman Apprentice Terry Helvey in October, 1992, while Schindler was awaiting discharge for homosexuality. Helvey insisted he killed Schindler for "bossing him around" when he reached a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty.

The murder of PFC Barry Winchell at Fort Campbell, Ky., in 1999 has been blamed on anti-homosexual sentiment, but the instigator of the killing, SPC Justin Fisher, may have been motivated by jealousy because both were interested in a transsexual female impersonator who was undergoing treatment to become a woman.

The killing of Seaman August Provost while he was on guard duty at Camp Pendleton was believed by some to have been because he was homosexual. An aunt even suggested that he was killed by another homosexual to keep his sexuality secret. However, the official Navy report stated that the suspect PO Jonathan Campos, who committed suicide while in custody, killed Provost because Campos was on a crime spree.

Incidentally, Federal Judge Virginia A. Phillips violated the Constitution when she ruled against the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The Constitution explicity assigns the powers to raise, regulate and direct the military to the legislative and executive branches. Congress and the President are free to exclude anyone from the military based on physical traits, personal characteristics or for engaging in behaviors that the Congress or President believe might interfere with military operations.

The President even has the authority to deny freedom of expression to those who wish to serve in the military as President Barack Obama did when he fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal for making negative comments about Obama. The courts can only intervene if punishment for military infractions involves something like imprisonment or death.


pizzapete 4 years ago

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands, 'cause they raping everybody out here...

beatrice 4 years ago

After reading this, I'm now thinking that perhaps heterosexual men shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military. Those guys can't control themselves.

denak 4 years ago

lol anyone who has seen them in Thailand and Korea after they get off float, could tell you that. :0)

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Don't touch my old gun (junk)!!

Like I told my old daddy-in-law, "What's the difference which side of the fence they're on if you ain't gonna help 'em mow?"

Kirk Larson 4 years ago

Again, conservatives show how they are like the Taliban. Conservative Muslims can't control their impulses, so women have to wear burkahs. Straight men can't control violent impulses against their fellow soldiers, so homosexuals can't serve their country. Yeah, real logical. A gay friend once asked me, "Why do straight men always think we're looking at them?" I think the Pentagon survey showing most servicemen don't care about sexual orientation is likely closer to the truth. There are no homophobes in foxholes, just on conservative blogs and the republican caucus.

Kirk Larson 4 years ago

Maybe it'll be about Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, 13 year Marine veteran who was the first serious casualty of the Iraq War. Lost his leg, a true American hero...not a coward like Tom Shrewman.

JustNoticed 4 years ago

Are you kidding? Everything about you is vicious. Figure it out, fool.

Kirk Larson 4 years ago

You're clearly afraid of homosexuals, a perhaps telling characteristic in itself. Once you get over the immature fear of homosexuality, you'll be embarrassed at yourself for all the time you wasted fretting over who might be looking at you in the locker room.

Ralph Reed 4 years ago

What you have to understand is that Tom isn't happy unless he's attacking someone. Some examples are: People who look different than he (President Obama, Leonard Pitts); People with different views than he has (anyone to the left of Glenn Beck and O'Reilly); People who get news from multiple sources (those who don't parrot Faux News); and People who work for a living (those who aren't independently wealthy because of their wife's money).

Then, on top of that, he plays the whining poor little me victim when someone says anything adverse about him.

However, another viewpoint might be that he simply uses the LJW Forums as a playground since River City Talks died; kinda like the playground bully.

lawrencenerd 4 years ago

"Men are sexual predators and when predators are concerned about being attacked they may respond with a preemptive attack"

If you think that is how it works you must have a really awful sex life. Sexual partners aren't prey, they are people. If you think of yourself as a predator you probably should be kept away from civilized society where adults consent to sex instead of trying to prey upon each other.

Reason McLucus 4 years ago

Yes, men are sexual predators, although some of us are less predatory than others. Many men, such as former President Bill Clinton, are very predatory. They often look for someone they can conquer sexually. You apparently have led a sheltered life. Most women learn early that there are some men who will seek to take advantage of them. Unless the military has changed since I was a soldier, some men delight in talking about their real, or I suspect in some cases imagined, sexual conquests.

somedude20 4 years ago

funny that many people here have never been in the military and yet they are experts on what goes on in it and and how military people think and would react. I have never seen a woman give birth and I do not have any kids so maybe I should be the expert on pregnancy and parenting.

To the people that I served with as a 1371 in the Corps who were/are gay, Semper Fi, unlike some, you have the intestinal fortitude that many in this blog lack! Remember when you read their asinine remarks that you enlisted while these "Americans" sat on their hands and gripe

guesswho 4 years ago

Israel allows openly gay and lesbian soldiers in the military.

Who wants to criticize Israel?

ivalueamerica 4 years ago

Gays should not serve in the military so straight men won't rape them?



kernal 4 years ago

Did some of you miss the fact that the Pentagon and C.O.s are asking that we let gays in the military? If you want to know which generals, look it up. My point is 27% of the applicants for the U.S. military have been rejected because they are too fat! If you don't want gays, some of whom are more conservative than even Tom, then the alternative is bring back the draft and include women like Israel. Even if we did that, the overweight, those with ADD & ADHD, mental illness, certain criminal backgrounds, would all be rejected. The numbers of these potential rejects have increased since the Vietnam days. I'm not even including all those with drug problems. I say if they're mentally and physically healthy and want to sign up, then let them. The alternatives would be worse for most.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

This is more like a "Reality Chuck".

Dickopedia- reality chuck: 1. Drivel arising from underused, overtaxed and isolated brains 2. Paranoia in a dress with high heels and no clue 3. A rancid hamburger hill consisting of wasted brain matter 4. Look! A Squirrel!

Paul Decelles 4 years ago

"Men are sexual predators and when predators are concerned about being attacked they may respond with a preemptive attack, particularly when they are in a combat zone where they have to be prepared to kill or be killed."


thatonedude 4 years ago

If anything, this blog makes me want to ban heterosexuals from the military. Oh, the irony is palpable.

llama726 4 years ago

Take the word "reason" out of your name. There is a "possibility" that you are the most unreasonable, irrational poster on this board.

verity 4 years ago

Let me make this as simple as I can.

There are already gays in the military. Why should they be forced to lie? That's just wrong.

Jimo 4 years ago

Total waste of perfectly good letters. What incoherent trash.

deec 4 years ago

Reality check: it's now the law! No more DADT!

kernal 4 years ago

As soon as Obama signs it, which he says he will.

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