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Russia Proves NATO Needed


Russia's overreaction to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia demonstrates Russia is a potential aggressor and NATO is needed to prevent it from attempting to expand by force.In my previous post I indicated that Georgia's attack was ill advised and unjustified. Georgia's argument that it has an historical claim on Abkhazia and South Ossetia ignores the fact that Russia can make the same type claim about Georgia. Russia's claim on Georgia might be even stronger because Georgian Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union for many years.Russia could have justified intervening to force Georgian troops out of South Ossetia by citing the U.S. action against Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait. However, Russia went beyond that and invaded Georgia like it planned to stay. Russia also made the mistake of allowing some armed thugs to use violence against Georgians and their property.Russia's invasion of Georgia indicates it may be planning to invade Ukraine. NATO should grant membership to Ukraine now to prevent such an invasion. Ukraine has a strong army that wouldn't need much back up from NATO. European nations should take initial steps to expand their military forces with indications that they will not follow through if Russia withdraws from Georgia. European leaders should consider the success of President John F. Kennedy's strong response to the Soviet Union's efforts to place missiles in Cuba. The U.S. should do what President Ronald Reagan did in the early 80's and increase spending on missile defense technology. A potential danger with a strong response is that it could bring down the current Russia government.European nations need to do whatever they can to prevent having to obtain fuel from Russia. Such actions should include expanding solar and wind energy along with nuclear and clean coal technology. Coal plants should include algae reactors to produce oil for fuel use. European nations should work to develop the technology to convert plastic, paper, etc. wastes into fuel.


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