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Immigrants Should Avoid Obama's Trap


People who are in the United States illegally need to realize that President Barack Obama's immigration proposal [even if he is sincere] is essentially a trap. People who make the mistake of letting the government know they are here illegally can be deported at some later date, such as after ...

Is Obama Immigration Plan a Trap?


People who are in the United States illegally need to realize that President Barack Obama's immigration proposal [even if he is sincere] could a trap. People who identify themselves to the government could be the first to be deported if Republicans can get the courts to invalidate the plan or ...

Sam Brownback Preferable to Paul Davis


I'm not a fan of Governor Sam Brownback, but four more years of Brownback is preferable to four years of someone who is as out of touch with reality as Paul Davis is. Davis talks about Brownback's cuts in education spending, but seems totally unaware of the fact those cuts ...

Democrats Are Ultraconservative Elitists - Not Liberals


Why do Republicans like Rush Limbaugh continue to help out Democrats be calling them "liberals" even though most Democrats are ultraconservative elitists? Rush's listeners might consider the word "liberal" a bad name, but many others, including most political journalists don't. Many journalists seem to think that American politics involves a ...

Time for V.P. Joe Biden to Relieve Barack Obama of Presidential Duties


Increasingly even many Democrats are recognizing that the American ship of state is foundering. It's Captain seems out of touch with reality. The Captain may be stressed out or the problem may be more serious. The American people are losing confidence in President Barack Obama's leadership. Movie Director Michael Moore ...

If No Democrat Senate Candidate, I'll Vote for Roberts


I had been looking forward to the opportunity to vote for an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate. I often vote for "third party" candidates because the two 19th Century major parties are out of touch with reality. For example, I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 and Ralph Nader in ...

Are Redskins Ashamed of Their Complexion?


I'm attempting to understand why some of the descendants of the people Christopher Columbus called "Indians" say they are ashamed to be called "redskins". The only explanation I can think of is they are ashamed that they are not white or perhaps they are simply ashamed of their heritage. In ...

Keep in Mind that Russia Is a Democracy


The Ukrainian government and other western nations need to keep in mind that Russia is a democracy. President Vladimir Putin will have to act if his people believe the Ukrainian government is mistreating Russians living in Ukraine. The Russians revolted after a Russian ethnic president was overthrown by ultranationalists who ...

Did Ukraine Air Force Cause MH17 Crash?


Did a Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 in effect guide a missile from a Buk missile launcher to Malaysian flight MH17? Did Russian separatists fire at an Su-25 which had dropped down toward the ground after flying as an "escort" and then began climbing back up toward MH17 with the missile ...

"Native Americans" a Much Worse Term than "Redskins"


The white hypocrites who complain about the term "redskins" use the term "native American" which when used in the way they are using it isn't much better than the other n-word. The word "redskins" is a physically descriptive term that doesn't have inherently negative characteristics. The word is one of ...

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