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High plains guzzling...


Last weekend a friend and I fled west on US 56 about 330 miles to a ranch (owned by friends and relatives) to get away from the local fall festival. The trip was worth every mile.
We hunted some ducks on the Walnut river and got one single wood duck. Oh, well. We also saw three seiges of sandhill cranes. They were flying low, trilling their wonderful call, looking to land and surely some of the first on that huge migration.
Then we ran metal detectors on a confirmed camp ground of general Custer in the 1870's. Found nothing except for some bits of iron. Then, I descriminated out iron on my detector and went only for for stuff like bullets, brass and buttons. Nothing but silence in the headphones, just the hum of the threshold. Custer and his men's history is likely buried out of range except for only the deepest of ranging detectors.

We did some guzzling, too. Guzzlers are required on large CRP contracts to provide water for critters. They collect precipitation and deposit it in 55-gallon drums. This one was loaded with ~150 gallons of cold and clear water. We ran 3 mule deer bucks off it. Sorry. They stotted off a half mile and watched us. They were still watching us when we left. I wonder how long they waited to come back to the water.

This guzzler is in an immense CRP contract. Talk about the big lonely...

This guzzler is in an immense CRP contract. Talk about the big lonely... by riverdrifter

A big guzzle from the guzzler.

A big guzzle from the guzzler. by riverdrifter

At Custer's campground. Oh, where have you gone Birger Sandzen?

At Custer's campground. Oh, where have you gone Birger Sandzen? by riverdrifter


blue73harley 1 year, 5 months ago

Sounds like a helluva better time than hanging out with 30K worth of people at the 'Leaf.

My mom sold our farm some years back. It was between New Lancaster and LaCygne. It was titled to the Miami tribe at one time. My brother found a Civil War era sword. All I ever found were square nails and busted pottery. I miss just hanging out down there in the middle of nowhere. Our guzzling was slightly different than yours!


RoeDapple 1 year, 5 months ago

riverdrifter, the property my house sits on was part of a 30+ acre pasture that the Union Army camped on for a while during the Civil War. Several people have been over it in the last 40 years with detectors. One former Topeka LE officer found horse tack, uniform buttons, minnie balls and a couple of cannon balls. My old daddy in law has quit letting people wander over it, but I'd bet there is still treasure to find. . . . Speaking of "still" . . . I found the remnants of an old still while mushroom hunting back there about 20 years ago!


oldbaldguy 1 year, 5 months ago

outstanding! we have a great state for scenery and the big lonesome. that's why i love hunting out west. the view is worth the trip.


RoeDapple 1 year, 5 months ago

Cool! But I'd bet some buckage your metal detector was far from the first to cover that ground!


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