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Earnesto, the longshot...


Hey, look, we're burned up here. The pastures are flat-out burned up and everybody is already feeding hay. The corn crop?! Ha! Soybeans: think lentils. Gardens? Withered. The crop insurance has been collected and the corn junk in the fields has been chopped and dumped in round bale silos and those vertical silos that haven't been used in years. Anyway, here's one longshot: Earnesto. He's plodding along in the Carribbean. Some computer models take Earnesto to major hurricane status in 5-6 days in the Gulf of Mexico. Let's have him grow nice and strong and plow into the pre-destructed south coast of Texas, then get caught up in the prevailing westerlies as a remnant low and move across Texas, Oklahoma and then Kansas and dump a bunch of rain on us. Wishful thinking, I know. We''ll take anything. I like to bet longshots on thoroughbreds and I wouldn't bet a dollar on Earnesto. Ya gotta start somewhere, though. Ya got to go on something. We need a lucky break. Maybe Earnesto is the lucky name. Or maybe Earnesto fizzles off the Yucatan peninsula and the frying pan goes on. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at5.shtml?5-daynl#contents


Ronda Miller 5 years, 8 months ago

I feel it coming in the night It will blow quiet then The rain so heavy It will take our sight away It will continue by day Maybe it won't ever go away Forty days and forty nights It's always nice to be reminded Of low lying areas to avoid Of the flood plains It's always nice listening To the rain I'm as eager to hear it Again as you

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