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What Palin Did For the McCain Campaign


John McCain's announcement of Sarah quickly shifted the momentum in his favor. McCain's announcement shifted the media focus from Obama's historic nomination towards the surprise choice of an unheard of female governor from Alaska. A USA today poll has McCain ahead of Obama among registered voters 50%-46% (http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/election2008/2008-09-07-poll_N.htm). This is the first time Republicans have had a major advantage since January. So how does this effect the elections in November? Well the old adage any press is good press seems to be the prevailing theme among the McCain campaign. Any media surrounding Palin (good or bad) is free media for the McCain campaign (which is a good thing considering his lack of budget). The focus on Palin and McCain are detracting form Obama's media coverage. Obama needs to return the focus back toward him and away from McCain if he wants to get back up in the polls.


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