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Kansas Republicans: Red and then there is Pink


To be Republican used to me anti abortion, pro business, pro military and anything else "red." That was before I moved to Kansas from Phoenix, Arizona. When I moved here I learned being a Republican and even a Democrat meant very different things then what I was accustomed to. My observations are that there are social conservations who are against anything abortion like (stems cells included) and want to abolish the teaching of evolution in school and teach about how God created the Earth. Then there are more moderate or "pink" republicans who are more centrists but still want to uphold the pro business values Republicans hold dear. Then there are the Democrats. The notion that a Democrat did not resemble Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry surprised me. I was accustom to Democrats as being "liberal" and not of the people. I find this to be very different with Kansas Democrats. Kathleen Sebelius and Dennis Moore who are more centrists. Why is it that there seems to be several types of Republicans and Democrats in Kansas?


storm 9 years, 7 months ago

Republicans believe whatever law is applied (prostitution, abortion, same-gender marriage), should be allowed up to the State. This is called being conservative. Democrats believe whatever law is applied then it should be provided across the States or more broadly. That is known as liberal. The words conservative and liberal also mean a way of thinking, so a Republican can be liberal and Democrat can be conservative. For example, for many years, Catholics were Democrat because they believed abortion is always wrong (a conservative idea) and all States should apply that stance (applying law liberally). Conversely, Nevada allows legalized prostitution (liberal) but the law is applied Republican. Often, you can determine the type of news a person listens to or radio-talk-speak when they use the terms interchangably. Democrats are not all liberal in their thinking. Across the Nation and not just in Kansas, the Republican party has been infiltrated by conservatives usually identified as Christians. This is why the party is imploding because traditional (aka moderates) Republicans are not conservative in their thinking. (Mr. McCain from your great State was our hope in 2000.) So to answer your question, it isn't just in Kansas.

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