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Gays: The Forgotten Voter


I was inspired to write about this after a friend of mine (who happens to be gay) wrote about his frustration with this political election and their lack of focus on gay issues, specifically gay rights. He was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and after her defeat to Obama began questioning the platforms of each political candidate. While he is a democrat he is going to be voting for McCain next week. Many of his friends have been outraged by his choice of candidates and asked "don't all gays vote Democrat?" The issue between both my friend and myself, Gay rights has not been an issue in the Democrat presidential scene this election year. Biden even voiced his protest against gay marriage during the Vice Presidential debate. It seems that the issue of gay marriage and gay rights has become a forbidden issue. No one wants to talk about it but it is a main issue in this nation. Further more, how can the Democratic Party assume that a group of people will vote for them when they have not addressed a key issue in their lives? The homosexual community is a block of individuals that Democrats can rely on, but maybe not so much this year. When they play hide and seek with key issues like gay marriage or civil unions why should one have faith in them? I suppose they shouldn't. My friend doesn't. He and his boyfriend wont be voting Democrat this election. May others have voiced the same opinion. Will this effect the out come of the election? I don't know: but this late in the political season I wouldn't toss out votes.


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