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Carol Strickland Wont Say She is a Democrat.


Carol Strickland is currently running for State Representative for the 76th district of Kansas. Upon reviewing her website (http://www.carol-strickland4ks.com/4701.html) there is no indication of what political party she is representing. While there is extensive background information of all of her awards and honors found in her biography section, there is no mention of any of her political involvements. So one is either to assume she has no political experience and/or she is deliberately not stating which political party she represents. I do happen to find one clue that she is a democrat, buried at the bottom of her pictures page the caption reads, "Then we joined Janet Lewis and the Coffey County Democrats for an ice cream social." Other then this little piece of information there is no mention of representing the Democratic Party.Why is there no mention of what party you are representing Mrs. Strickland? Are you afraid you will scare voters off if you announce your party? Are you hoping to pass as a republican? Please Mrs. Strickland tell us why!


bull_in_a_china_shop 9 years, 6 months ago

perhaps with how upset people seem to be with the republicans, she is actually a democrat in disguise. Perhaps that little comment is just a rouse.

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