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Petition to Hold a Public Vote on the Proposed Rec Center

After what seems like months of discontented grumblings about the proposed Rec Center project, it appears someone is finally doing something about it.

LJWorld user "just another bozo on this bus" posted a link this morning to a petition to hold a public vote on the issue, and I've been trying to bring more exposure to it since then, posting on reddit and facebook.

The petition asks for the City Commission and the current crop of commissioner candidates to hold a public vote on using tax funds for the proposed recreation center project at the corner of 6th St. and K-10.

As noted in the article this morning about the candidates' views on the project, current Commissioner Mike Amyx had this to say:

"On the issue of whether the project should be put to a citywide vote, Amyx recently voted with his other four city commissioners against the idea. But Amyx voted with the caveat that if the public were to present a sizable petition asking for a vote, he would support placing the issue on the ballot."

Candidate Scott Criqui echoed Amyx's sentiments, saying,

"On the issue of a citywide vote, Criqui said he’s not yet ready to call for one. He said he would support a vote if citizens started a significant petition drive calling for a vote.

'If a group gathered 3,000 signatures or something like that, it would tell me that there is some concern out there,' Criqui said. 'But I haven’t heard of anyone who has done that yet.'"

Well, there you have it, folks-- the Commissioners might be willing to listen to the public's views on the matter, but only if we can show that enough people have concerns about the project. From spending the money at all on the project to the manner in which bidding will be done, I know that many people out there don't agree with the way this project is moving forward.

If you're one of those people who wants to have a voice in this matter, sign the petition here:

Petition for a public vote on the public financing of the regional recreation center (

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