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Petition to Hold a Public Vote on the Proposed Rec Center

Claire Williams

After what seems like months of discontented grumblings about the proposed Rec Center project, it appears someone is finally doing something about it. LJWorld user "**just another bozo on this bus**" posted [a link][1] this morning to a petition to hold a public vote on the issue, and I've been ...

Not in the News- Libyans hold Pro-United States protest in Benghazi today to honor Chris Stevens

Claire Williams

I haven't seen this reported in the mainstream media yet, so I wanted to share this positive story with all of you. Today, hundreds Libyans of all ages came together near the site of the burned-out US consulate in Benghazi to honor Chris Stevens and the others killed in yesterday's ...

9/11 -- "Never Forget" Your Perspective

Claire Williams

I originally posted this comment as a reply to a family member on facebook today, to no response (not surprisingly). I figured "Screw it, might as well post it on the LJW-- where I'd at least get some feedback, and maybe make some people *think*." **9/11 Never Forget** How many ...

Better off in Lawrence? An answer by the numbers.

Claire Williams

After listening to the catch phrase **"Are you better off?"** over and over during the last few weeks, I started to wonder what the answer to that was for Lawrence residents. I know that I personally can answer "Yes" to that question, but what about the average Lawrencian? So I ...

Say Cheese!

Claire Williams

For many of you, the following might seem an all-too familiar scenario: After careful clothing and hair preparation at home, you drag your child(ren) to the portrait studio for "picture day". Your dreams of pictures filled with smiling, beautiful kids are dashed when your 5 year old spills grape juice ...

Tin Roof, Rusted!

Claire Williams

So, we are six months in and I finally decided to write about my "pregnorant" experiences so far. Having a baby wasn't something that we were planning on ahead of time, so unlike many women who come prepared to motherhood, I feel like I have been running around like the ...

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