What is Grief?


I enjoyed this: hope that you will too. For more Christian thought on grief try the book of Job, or "A grief observed", by C.S. Lewis.

Mynamar (Burma) Hit by Cyclone Nargis Relief Efforts


Here's how you can help:Red Cross Vision Vision is usually leading edge on this kind of thing, and usually has people on-site before any other governmental or NGO organization. They're already there, too. Samaritan's Purse three charities are the best at this kind of thing. There are others as ...



Agnostic, I realized that you accidentally stumbled upon the web site. I apologize if I didn't make that clearer in my original post. I also realize that you and I may never see eye-to-eye on this, or many other things. For reasons that should be apparent.I'm also an eternal optimist. ...

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