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Strictly Bluegrass, Live Webcast from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, October 4-6, 2013, 13th Year

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For three days, there has been a live Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco This is one of the prime bluegrass festivals in ...

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One Hidden Tax Load on the Middle Class

Over the last couple of years I have been posting blogs addressing the direct tax load on the upper half of the middle class. I ...


Should Cabinet Relieve Obama of Presidential Duties?

The 25th Amendment of the Constitution assigns the vice president and members of the president's cabinet the responsibility to monitor the president's condition and relieve ...


American “Race” Is Red and Yellow, Black and White

Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of a color blind society cannot be realized as long as the media and black leaders continue to perpetuate the ...


Live IT broadcasts from San Francisco Design Center, September 9-11

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Top people in the IT field - Live from San Francisco Here is a chance to watch live people in all fields of the computer ...

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Obama Wants Vigilante Type Attack on Syria

The important question in Syria isn't whether Syria used chemical weapons on its own people or should be punished for doing so. The important question ...


September 2 - First Day of School in Russia

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September 1st is Knowledge Day, the first day of school in Russia But this year the first day of school was on September 2nd, because ...


After six days closed, new section of Bay Bridge to Oakland opens Tuesday

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Bay Bridge closed for six days; open again Tuesday For those of you who have been to San Francisco or Oakland, I had to post ...


Alarmist Projections

I have some simple observations to point out. The human population is rising, and it is rising faster all the time. I don't think I ...


American Bombing of Syria Would Be Unjust and Immoral

Let me see if I've got this right. President Barack Obama has decided the Syria government has used unacceptable means of killing Syrians so Obama ...


Will Obomber Destroy Syria in Order to Save It?

In the Vietnam War a marine officer once commented that he was burning a Vietnamese village in order to save it. President Barack Obama's threat ...

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Lawsuit accuses Creek Nation Chief George Tiger of abusing mistress, covering up affair ?

Chairman George Tiger

To mimic a favorite nighttime personality, HN is going to post Ten Reasons Why We DO NOT Believe this allegation to be true? Isn't The ...


Media and Old Black Leaders Have Dishonored Trayvon Martin

Members of the media and old black leaders have dishonored Trayvon Martin by portraying him as some type of defenseless child instead of the young ...


August 15, India’s celebration of independence - and - fire destroys submarine

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Live Indian TV in English - from Mumbia The following suggests that India has had a major tragedy, just before National Independence Day. There has ...


Live Feed from Outside Lands Concerts, from 4pm until 12 midnight, Saturday and Sunday, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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Live Feed from San Francisco Here is the live feed from Outside Lands, a two day concert in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park, with ...

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Kansas is subject of New York Times article today

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Kansas in today's New York Times There is an article about Kansas in today's New York Times. I have posted it below because many people ...


What You Didn’t Read

Perhaps some of you may have missed it as it was not covered clearly in the LJW. This week Mr. Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority ...

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The Indian Child Welfare act of 1978 was meant to stop what is now happening to Dusten and Veronica Brown.

The Veronica Brown custody case should make all Native Americans take a pause and wonder if The Indian Child Welfare Act is indeed worth it's ...


Final days of the South Africa Tour

Thursday Spent the day in Stellenbosch, hip to hip with the wine country. Rick had a meeting with the Director of Rugby at Stellenbosch University ...


Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday - July 18, 2013

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Mandela at 95 years - an amazing person Mandela has given his life so that others could be free. What more could a person give ...