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What You Didn’t Read

Perhaps some of you may have missed it as it was not covered clearly in the LJW. This week Mr. Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, and clearly a leader in the Democratic Party announced that he would not accept any tax reform unless ... Continue reading


The Indian Child Welfare act of 1978 was meant to stop what is now happening to Dusten and Veronica Brown.

The Veronica Brown custody case should make all Native Americans take a pause and wonder if The Indian Child Welfare Act is indeed worth it's weight in salt or is it slipping through the hands of the ones it is meant to protect ? Native American children. ... Continue reading


Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday - July 18, 2013

**Mandela at 95 years - an amazing person** Mandela has given his life so that others could be free. What more could a person give than that? **Children sing for the 95th birthday** **The Washington Post did a wonderful graphic for those who are younger or ... Continue reading


Free Enterprise - Academic Style

KU is one of the larger employers in the state. It has a total annual budget of $1.24 Billion from many sources. The state’s direct contribution is about 20%. Tuition provides another 20%. The question for discussion is whether the services provided to the citizens of the ... Continue reading


Security or Freedom

When I was young I could go to government buildings and just walk right in. In the 1970s there were no barriers between myself and my Congressman. Nobody seemed to be fearful of being shot. There were as I recall few incidents. Signs would not have prevented ... Continue reading


A Brief History

In 1824, Joseph Fourier found that the earth was considerably warmer than it shoud be based on the work on thermodynamics (the study of energy exchanges) that he was conducting. If you are trained in mathematics or physics, you might recognize Fourier as the same person who ... Continue reading


Timelapse: Growing shadows

I've been experimenting with a new camera which let me takes series of photos so that I can create timelapse movies. This is the first of my efforts. Continue reading


America’s Stifled Growth

In today’s Washington Post an article appears ( that explores why our recovery has been slower than historic experience. The gist of the article IMHO is that people (even through many have recovered the wealth they lost during the downturn) are simply not spending. The author speculates ... Continue reading


Climate Realism

Many of you are familiar with the interchanges between a number of contributors to this space who favor a carbon tax to address climate change and I. During the course of those exchanges I have been branded as a Luddite. Well I may no longer be wandering ... Continue reading


June 4th: Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

**The World Doesn't Forget** The following article, from The Washington Post, provides Americans with background about Tiananmen Square survivors and their sons and daughters. **Pictures of Tiananmen Square** For those of you who are too young to remember, here are pictures of Tiananmen Square in June ... Continue reading


Huge asteroid passes earth today

**Huge astronaut passes by earth today** The Slooh telescope broadcast live images of the large asteroid QE2 as it passed by earth today. Viewers can still view these images, even though the asteroid is no longer being broadcast live. QE2 came within 3.6 million miles of the ... Continue reading


Another aspect of Memorial Day and those who served

**Those who served and those who didn't** This evening an article appeared in The New York Times which deserves to have broad distribution. This article in the New York Times appeared this evening, after the Journal-World had featured the following article early in the morning. Later ... Continue reading


The 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, is Michael Lewis???

Mr.Mike Lewis the president of the Haskell's Bank is now the 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, really...... Michael Lewis???? Wasn't there student bank audits that were requested in 2008-09 that passed with flying colors? If we trust him to run ... Continue reading


Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday - May 22

**Wagner's 200th birthday - May 22, 1813** Several years ago, some friends and I started listening to operas every Saturday evening on DVDs. Before we knew it, months had passed - and I came to an appreciation of opera which I had never had before. We spent ... Continue reading


Another Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day is upon us. We are busy throwing mud at each other about the size, scope and operation of our government. Meanwhile, despite Mr. Obama’s declaration of withdrawal, our troops continue to fight and die In Afghanistan. The price continues although no longer mentioned in ... Continue reading


Tea Party at The Internal Revenue Service: The Basics

As the flow of details in the "IRS scandal" continue to emerge, I think it's worth taking a look at exactly what all the fuss is about: [The 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization][1]. For reference: That last link, from the Internal Revenue Service, has this ... Continue reading


Squeezing Sand

> “Relationships - of all kinds - are > like sand held in your hand. Held > loosely, with an open hand, the sand > remains where it is.The minute you > close your hand and squeeze tightly to > hold on, the sand trickles through > ... Continue reading


Swampyviile’s - “Never to Ever”!

From the Swampyville Gazette! You're the Poet! Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words! Below, cry, day, down, exist, fly, ground, grow, mist, play, prose, ring, rose, sing. Never to Ever! by L. Don Oliver I've never seen the antelope ... Continue reading


Swampyville’s - Our Archaic “Bill of Rights”!

From The Swampyville Gazette! OUR ARCHAIC "BILL OF RIGHTS"! Being Facetious! (Of course, we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow!) I for one, feel that we should have a Constitutional Convention and rewrite the current archaic "Bill of Rights" (First Ten Amendments to the United States ... Continue reading


Native American Father fights for his daughter

This concerns all Native Americans and their children: Our thoughts and prayers are with the father, his young daughter and his legal team. haskellnews commentary 04/25/2013 Link: Continue reading