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Lawrence and High Speed Internet - Left Behind or Moving Ahead

**Chattanooga - Way ahead when it comes to fast-paced Internet** Here is an important story in today's New York Times - about how *Chattanooga moved ahead of the rest of the cities in America*. They realized that high speed internet is part of their future, and they ... Continue reading


It’s time that Lawrence has a Martin Luther King, Jr., Street, and also a Nelson Mandela Street, Community Center or Nature Pathway

**Martin Luther King Jr. Street, and Nelson Mandela Nature Trail or Community Center** It's about time for a Martin Luther King Jr. street in Lawrence. Many other communities have had them for a number of years. I would suggest 23rd Street or 6th Street as possibilities. In ... Continue reading


Return to home for the whooping cranes - and a new perspective for 2014

**Return to home, with a new, expanded view on life** What better site for welcoming in the New Year, than that of the whooping cranes coming to Florida for their first time, escorted by human beings disguised as whooping cranes and piloting ultra light aircraft, also disguised ... Continue reading


Santa’s coming!

**Santa's on his way** Click on the following application for Santa's way across the world! Santa is also coming via satellite. A little background on Santa's journey, and some of the places he will visit.,2817,2428680,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed& **Silent night, one of the world's most favorite Christmas ... Continue reading


Nelson Mandela - a Funeral and a Celebration: Ubuntu

**"Mandiba's song has ended, but its melody lingers on. We all have a responsibility to ensure that the melody of Madiba's song never stops."** There is a special word in South Africa - **ubuntu** - that describes connections and interrelationships that are not necessarily seen by the ... Continue reading


Nelson Mandela - a Poet’s Tribute - Bayo Omolola

**As Nelson Mandela Marches On** *By Bayo Omolola Email:* The humming of mosquito, Disturbs never The wall; Never cracks It is iron-made rack. The wind that blew And threw The lees through The Sieve Never would it break a concrete wall well-fortified. Nelson - Man Mandela ... Continue reading


Nelson Mandela - a musical tribute

**A Musical Tribute to Nelson Mandela** This is a musical tribute to Nelson Mandela, featuring some of the many songs about Nelson Mandela and his life. **The Nelson Metropolitan University Choir** First, the **Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's choir** sings its tribute to Nelson Mandela. and here ... Continue reading


Driving Mitigation Wedges with a Carbon Tax

I frequent a few online discussions on climate change and I see a lot of disagreement on what can and should be done to mitigate climate change. These arguments generally go something like: - Wind can't do it because the wind doesn't always blow. - Solar can't ... Continue reading


Veterans Day 2013

**Veterans return to Vietnam, and to other countries as well, to do their share** I am a veteran. And I am very glad that so many veterans have overcome their difficulties in their lives to continue to do good here and in other parts of the world. ... Continue reading


Amos Lawrence Park - a name and a vision for Lawrence

**Amos Lawrence Park** *Building on the best of the past, yet looking towards the future* The former Farmland Industries fertilizer plant is now being made into a business park. I think it needs a new name and - equally important - a new vision. A much better ... Continue reading


Strictly Bluegrass, Live Webcast from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, October 4-6, 2013, 13th Year

**For three days, there has been a live Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco** This is one of the prime bluegrass festivals in the country. It was this weekend in San Francisco, and it was in the Journal-World, but not where most readers could find ... Continue reading


One Hidden Tax Load on the Middle Class

Over the last couple of years I have been posting blogs addressing the direct tax load on the upper half of the middle class. I have opined that there is an even greater load because this group must purchase with taxable dollars goods and services that are ... Continue reading


Live IT broadcasts from San Francisco Design Center, September 9-11

**Top people in the IT field - Live from San Francisco** Here is a chance to watch live people in all fields of the computer industry September 9-11. Anyone interested in computers, start-ups, new directions in computing will want to see this program live. This is ... Continue reading


September 2 - First Day of School in Russia

**September 1st is Knowledge Day, the first day of school in Russia** But this year the first day of school was on September 2nd, because the 1st was on a Sunday. I have a friend from Kamchatka, Russia, who will write as he has time about what ... Continue reading


After six days closed, new section of Bay Bridge to Oakland opens Tuesday

**Bay Bridge closed for six days; open again Tuesday** For those of you who have been to San Francisco or Oakland, I had to post this so that you could relive your memories. The Bay Bridge has been closed for six days. It opens Tuesday morning, but ... Continue reading


Alarmist Projections

I have some simple observations to point out. The human population is rising, and it is rising faster all the time. I don't think I need to provide supporting references for this; it should be common knowledge. Heat waves are becoming more common. ["This hot extreme, which ... Continue reading


Lawsuit accuses Creek Nation Chief George Tiger of abusing mistress, covering up affair ?

To mimic a favorite nighttime personality, HN is going to post Ten Reasons Why We DO NOT Believe this allegation to be true? 1. Isn't The Chief of the Creek Nation an ethical, hard working man who always puts his people first? Oh wait, that was Chief ... Continue reading


August 15, India’s celebration of independence - and - fire destroys submarine

**Live Indian TV in English - from Mumbia** The following suggests that India has had a major tragedy, just before National Independence Day. There has been a major explosion of a submarine in Mumbia, possibly also damage to a second. This may have included a cruise missile ... Continue reading


Live Feed from Outside Lands Concerts, from 4pm until 12 midnight, Saturday and Sunday, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

**Live Feed from San Francisco** Here is the live feed from Outside Lands, a two day concert in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park, with 70,000 people paying $300 a ticket. It is available online from 4 pm, when the concerts start, until 12 midnight each day ... Continue reading


Kansas is subject of New York Times article today

**Kansas in today's New York Times** There is an article about Kansas in today's New York Times. I have posted it below because many people don't have subscriptions to the Times. Unfortunately, the author of the Times article didn't visit Lawrence, but I put in a ... Continue reading