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No inexpensive online education at KU

**Starbucks helps their employees with an education** The following article in today's New York Times (June 15th, 2014) suggests that Starbucks has a great idea for helping to get an education: But guess where it's taking place - Arizona State University. Even though I (and I'm ... Continue reading


Africa Rising - Conference and Videos

**Government of Mozambique and IMF** An unusual conference, Africa Rising, is taking place this week in Maputo, Mozambique (May 29-30). The goal is to share the benefits and to sustain current growth among African countries. Many sessions are being streamed live, and there are a number of ... Continue reading


African Dirge for Maya Angelou by Bayo Omolola

**Bayo Omolola** Bayo Omolola is a good friend of mine, and he has been a guest poet in this column before. He is Adjunct Faculty for the Department of English, Humanities and Visual Performing Arts Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, Maryland. For the passing of Maya Angelou, ... Continue reading


How to get started with a home yoga practice

OK, so you’ve been going to yoga class every Monday evening for a couple of years, and you love it. But you don’t seem to be deepening your practice. Maybe it’s time to get disciplined and start a home practice. Here are a few suggestions for getting ... Continue reading


Graduates - Take your time, see what you really enjoy doing in life, and how you can make a difference (1)

**Make a difference** Stand back, take a look at your life, see what you can do to make a difference. Wangari Maathai is a Kenyan environmentalist who made a great difference in other peoples' lives, and she speaks about the tiny humming bird in the above ... Continue reading


The “List” Goes On and On

DoD Identifies Army Casualty 05/15/2014 02:40 PM CDT ________________________________________ IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-248-14 May 15, 2014 ________________________________________ DoD Identifies Army Casualty The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Command Sgt. Maj. Martin R Barreras, 49, of Tucson, ... Continue reading


The University of The Gambia and Gambia College graduation

**Convocation ceremonies for the University of The Gambia and Gambia College (The Gambia, West Africa)** For this interview from The Gambia, Mr. Ebrahima Mbowe, with whom I have long worked, is present via Google Hangout. Mr. Mbowe is National Volunteer Coordinator and Head of VolNet Secretariat, in ... Continue reading


Hula Dancing from Hawaii - Merrie Monarch festival - tomorrow (repeat of Friday’s event) at 4pm Saturday afternoon; then streaming live with Saturday’s event at 11pm CST

**The Merrie Monarch Festival Hula Competition-Don't Miss It** The link below takes you to the live streaming festival of hula competition in Hawaii. There is a repeat of Friday evening's event on Saturday at 4:00 pm (CST). Then, Saturday evening's events start at 6 pm in Hawaii, ... Continue reading


Three Miraculous Things

**Searching for a brother, a father, and long-ago roots in another country** These are three great articles and films. Two, a video and a film, come from Brazil. The third video comes from Cuba and Africa, via the BBC. The film, "Central Station," I knew about and ... Continue reading


Making focus a habit will help you avoid slumps

Often the first pose in a yoga class is the simplest — simply standing in Tadasana (Mountain pose). You are instructed to balance the weight on the front and back of your feet, firm the thighs, lift the torso out of the hip sockets, bring the shoulders ... Continue reading


A 13 year old Mongolian woman, and 2 Kahzak hunters, father and son: using trained eagles to hunt for prey in Mongolia

**This is incredible journalism** These pictures depict a way of life so completely different from that of the western world, that I can only watch it, and the beauty of these photographs, with astonishment. A 13-year old Mongolian woman uses trained eagles to find prey, such as ... Continue reading


The lunar eclipse on video (in case you couldn’t stay up) and songs about the moon, April 15, 2014

**In case you weren't able to stay up all night for the lunar eclipse, here it is on video tape, as well as some great songs to accompany the blood moon** There were thousands upon thousands of people watching, from Brazil to Australia - it was ... Continue reading


Wind versus Tourism

I normally stay out of politics. I understand the physical world better than I understand the world of politics, but I have to point out an observation I made that has political implications. This is a bit old, but it was brought back to mind by the ... Continue reading


Springtime - and Pharrell Williams creates the song “Happy” which has now spread around the world

**It's spring - and this is the time for Happiness** *The equinox - the first day of spring - was at 11:57 A.M., March 20th, 2014.* Pharrell Williams has created a song which deserves to be played around the world. It almost won an Academy Award this ... Continue reading


Singing bus driver in San Francisco

**No. 29-Sunset bus driver changes the day for many people in San Francisco** Mike Kepka has done a wonderful job writing this blog, especially with the accompanying video. I personally have taken this bus, the No. 29 bus, as the driver, Charles Davis, was driving it down ... Continue reading


Google Fiber is coming to nine more cities; but Lawrence is not on the list

**Google Fiber is soon to be in nine more cities** Google announced today that it would be considering laying fiber cable for nine more cities in the United States: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Jose. The following articles are ... Continue reading


$20,000 urinal sculptures just right for John Waters visit to Lawrence

**$20,000 urinal sculptures should be shown for Larry Waters' visit** The moment I saw these sculptures, I knew where they ought to be shown: as part of John Waters visit to Lawrence for Burrough's 100th birthday. I'm not much of a fan of Burroughs, but I ... Continue reading


If you missed the event live, here is a video of Jumbo asteroid 2000 EM26, which was not seen (“recovered”) tonight

**Here is tonight's video from the Slooh Observatory - the Jumbo asteroid 2000EM26 was supposed to be seen as it passed the earth tonight, February 18, but there was no sign of it** The Slooh Observatory attempted to observe the 2000 EM26 as it passed Earth today, ... Continue reading


Help create videos and articles for next year’s Valentines Day - February 25, 2015

**Many points of view for Valentine's Day 2015** The New York Times published this series of articles and videos today, February 14, 2014. It's going to take some time to look through all the videos, but they are worth your time to look at every one. It's ... Continue reading


Lawrence and High Speed Internet - Left Behind or Moving Ahead

**Chattanooga - Way ahead when it comes to fast-paced Internet** Here is an important story in today's New York Times - about how *Chattanooga moved ahead of the rest of the cities in America*. They realized that high speed internet is part of their future, and they ... Continue reading