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Sanders is not as crazy as you might think

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been making some news lately from calling climate change our biggest national security threat, and he has had some, let's call them, detractors. Let me describe some observations and connections, and tell me where my thinking goes astray. There is a connection ... Continue reading


Rally the fans to watch #ksleg

I want all of the football, basketball, hockey, curling, and whist fans out there to consider the Kansas legislative session a "season" like any other sports season. The #ksleg season runs from January to May. Unfortunately it looks as though the whole state may be on the ... Continue reading


Gordon Parks - a wonderful article, and photographs, but a missed opportunity for the Spencer Museum of Art

**Gorden Parks - A wonderful article in the New York Times, but a missed opportunity for the Spencer Museum of Art and the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art.** I viewed the article on the front page of the New York Times today with mixed feelings. It ... Continue reading


The Meaning of Christmas

**Christmas has many meanings** People forget that not everyone has a place to live or experiences Christmas in a positive way. The following video, posted today by the Chicago Sun-Times, says much about what Christmas really means to me. Take a look at it and the article ... Continue reading


My first hearing of the King’s College Choir

**My first hearing of the King's College Choir** When I was a student at the University of Kansas, I was tuning in one Christmas Eve to KCUR in Kansas City. This was in my freshman year, and I was staying at a friend's house in Lawrence over ... Continue reading



This afternoon I noticed an article that to me is of considerable interest (see below). It addresses the issue of prejudice and might just surprise you. It is “knowledge based” but I can only hope not definitive. If the latter, I despair for the future of our ... Continue reading


What and where is this?

I used to post photos of out of the way places in this blog. Today I ran across something that was unexpected. Since it is a little out of the way, even though it is probably pretty obvious, I thought I'd post it. Continue reading


Round 2 of the United Disk Golf Championship streaming live this weekend

**Round 2 of the United States Disk Golf Championship also streams live** Not only is the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival streaming llve from San Francisco all weekend, so that you can see some of the top bands live - but there is also the Disk Golf Championship ... Continue reading


It’s streamed live today (Friday) through Sunday, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

**Completely free-Streamed live today through Sunday from Golden Gate Park** The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival is being streamed live today through Sunday, from Golden Gate Park. There are four stages being streamed, seven stages in all. This is the fourteenth year of the festival. Please click on ... Continue reading


Festival of Dangerous Ideas, including the future of newspapers, streamed live from Sydney, Australia

**Festival of Dangerous Ideas from Sydney, Australia** The festival is streamed live from Sydney. You may click on the current streaming, which is indicated with an "arrow". One of the current panelists is Alan Rusbridger, the Managing Editor of the Australian Guardian. He also has a separate ... Continue reading


Day 3 of the African Summit

**Day 3. A review of the results of the African summit will come in a few days** Ebrahima Mbowe from The Gambia and I will give a brief review of what we have heard and thought about from the days of the African summit. First, several articles. ... Continue reading


Day 2 of the African Summit at the Whitehouse

*President Obama greets young Africans to the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders* **Day 2 of the Africa Summit** President Obama gives a toast: Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune) gives his view on the Africa Summit: Here is an article which just appeared on the internet ... Continue reading


Fear clouds your thinking

How do you prove orbits are elliptical to someone who does not know calculus? Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus in order to prove it. (Yeah, I know there is some controversy about this with Leibniz; that's not the point.) But, if you don't know calculus, how would ... Continue reading


Day 1 (Monday) of the African Summit

*President Jacob Zuma of South Africa* **Leaders of African states, and protestors, show up for the African summit** There is not too much detail available from today's first meeting of the African summit. I have instead cited several articles which give an overall picture of what has ... Continue reading


The day before the African summit

*A member of the Army's 3rd infantry regiment holds the Cameroon flag ready as he prepares for the visit of the Cameroon president* **Most leaders from Africa come to the summit in Washington, D.C.** The following announcement, with detailed information, is from the White House today. ... Continue reading


The African Summit begins!

**African summit includes almost all the leaders of Africa** The first session opens in Washington, D.C., on Monday ( tomorrow). I want to wish each of the participants all the best of luck in sharing this information with others in each of their countries, and I especially ... Continue reading


Live- Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower - from Slooh Observatory

**Live from Prescott Observatory in Arizona** Here is the delta aquarids meteor shower! Continue reading


Mandela Day - July 18, 2014

**Today is Mandela's birthday.** It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by from the day when Africa's great leader died. Every year, I have celebrated this day with articles and pictures. I post today an article from New Vision, Uganda's leading daily newspaper. ... Continue reading


Good bye to Brazil … they did a great job hosting the World Cup! - and - it’s time Americans learned more about the rest of the world

**Brazil takes on a new role in the South American hemisphere** Unfortunately, most Americans know very little about the real Brazil - how much of the country, for example, was built with slave labor. They also know very little about Brazil as it exists today. There should ... Continue reading


No inexpensive online education at KU

**Starbucks helps their employees with an education** The following article in today's New York Times (June 15th, 2014) suggests that Starbucks has a great idea for helping to get an education: But guess where it's taking place - Arizona State University. Even though I (and I'm ... Continue reading