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A 13 year old Mongolian woman, and 2 Kahzak hunters, father and son: using trained eagles to hunt for prey in Mongolia image

This is incredible journalism These pictures depict a way of life so completely different from that of the western world, that I can only watch ...


The lunar eclipse on video (in case you couldn’t stay up) and songs about the moon, April 15, 2014

Griffith image

In case you weren't able to stay up all night for the lunar eclipse, here it is on video tape, as well as some great ...

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Protesting Obamacare 60’s Style

No, I'm not suggesting anyone should burn a draft card (or the student union) or stage a sit-in in the office of Secretary Kathleen Gilligan ...


Wind versus Tourism

Boundary of Tallgrass Prairie overlaid on a map of wind potential.

I normally stay out of politics. I understand the physical world better than I understand the world of politics, but I have to point out ...

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Springtime - and Pharrell Williams creates the song “Happy” which has now spread around the world

Image Pharrell Williams

It's spring - and this is the time for Happiness The equinox - the first day of spring - was at 11:57 A.M., March 20th, ...


Crimea Separation from Ukraine Best for Everyone

Contrary to the opinion of President Barack Obama there is nothing illegal about the recent vote for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to leave the ...


Russia Should Buy Crimea

The best way to resolve the situation in Crimea in the event the residents want to separate from the Ukraine would be for Russia to ...


Barack “Don Quixote” Obama

I had a dream last night in which Barack Obama was wearing a helmet and carrying a lance like the fictional character Don Quixote who ...


Singing bus driver in San Francisco

Mike Kepka photograph

No. 29-Sunset bus driver changes the day for many people in San Francisco Mike Kepka has done a wonderful job writing this blog, especially with ...


Goliath Studios Booted “Cinderella’s” Song from Oscars

Those who watch the Oscars need to understand the song that receives the Oscar for best song may not deserve the honor. The Motion Picture ...


Google Fiber is coming to nine more cities; but Lawrence is not on the list

Android Authority image

Google Fiber is soon to be in nine more cities Google announced today that it would be considering laying fiber cable for nine more cities ...

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$20,000 urinal sculptures just right for John Waters visit to Lawrence

Chronicle image

$20,000 urinal sculptures should be shown for Larry Waters' visit The moment I saw these sculptures, I knew where they ought to be shown: as ...


If you missed the event live, here is a video of Jumbo asteroid 2000 EM26, which was not seen (“recovered”) tonight

Here is tonight's video from the Slooh Observatory - the Jumbo asteroid 2000EM26 was supposed to be seen as it passed the earth tonight, February ...


Help create videos and articles for next year’s Valentines Day - February 25, 2015


Many points of view for Valentine's Day 2015 The New York Times published this series of articles and videos today, February 14, 2014. It's going ...


Black Leaders Impeding Dr. King’s Dream

The biggest impediment to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, dream of a society in which color is not considered important is the continued used of ...


Lawrence and High Speed Internet - Left Behind or Moving Ahead

thegigCity image

Chattanooga - Way ahead when it comes to fast-paced Internet Here is an important story in today's New York Times - about how Chattanooga moved ...

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It’s time that Lawrence has a Martin Luther King, Jr., Street, and also a Nelson Mandela Street, Community Center or Nature Pathway

theepochtimes image

Martin Luther King Jr. Street, and Nelson Mandela Nature Trail or Community Center It's about time for a Martin Luther King Jr. street in Lawrence. ...

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Jews Missing from ABC Greatest Women in Music List

Why are there no Jews on ABC's list of the 30 greatest women in music during the last 50 years? This question might not be ...

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Return to home for the whooping cranes - and a new perspective for 2014

Heather Ray photograph

Return to home, with a new, expanded view on life What better site for welcoming in the New Year, than that of the whooping cranes ...

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Santa’s coming!

pin2album image

Santa's on his way Click on the following application for Santa's way across the world! Santa is also coming via satellite. A little background on ...