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Political Speech or Saturday Night Live Skit?


So a friend sent me a link to this political speech. All I could say was wow...


And as I listened I started to think, his speaking style sounds oddly familiar. Then it came to me..Chris Farley.


LoveThsLife 7 years ago

Those links were pretty good. Thanks for posting them.

Aimee Polson 7 years ago

Haven't gotten far into, but it stinks of stage fright.

Aimee Polson 7 years ago

Well. Gee. Masters in Communications. People will remember his speech anyway.

LoveThsLife 7 years ago

That's what I thought when I watched it!

LoveThsLife 7 years ago

Maybe he could run on the same ticket w/ Sarah Palin, that would be quite a match.

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