Random Thoughts from the Lab

Gun and Ammo Companies Under One Roof... Good Thing or Bad?


When searching for my AR-15 last spring, I considered several different models as I was a novice in the AR world. After reading several websites and magazines over the period of a couple months, I went to the gun stores to check different models out. It was then I first ...

A Grand Conservative/Liberal Compromise


No two social issues create as strong feelings and cause people to dig their heels into the sand as gun control and abortion. In general, (and I realize there are many exceptions out there before I get hammered too hard for making a blanket statement ), those who lean to ...

The Party of No?


I have seen in many publications in the last three years those on the left call the Republican party "The Party of No," referring to the GOP being against many of President Obama's proposals (even though over half the country may be against them). Yesterday, Obama's budget was voted down ...

Tale of the Fugly Chick


There was once this girl, lets call her Mizz, who thought she received horrible treatment from her circle of acquaintances, the most notorious we will call Tex and Kan. You see, Mizz was a little slow, rather obese without even a pretty face, and promiscious. She wanted to leave her ...

Hey Gun Owners: Better .357 revolver... S&W 686 or Ruger GP100


Howdy. I know there are several of you who post on this site who own several guns who know far more about them than me. Although I have a couple semi-auto pistols, I am wanting to add a revolver to my collection and for my shooting fun. Without even knowing ...

How a Real American Celebrates the 4th


A real American celebrates the Fourth of July by driving their Hyundai (Made in Korea 1) to Wal-Mart to purchase patriotic decorations and American flags (Made in China 2), a patriotic shirt (made in Pakistan 3), and an American flag hat (made in Cambodia 4). It is then time to ...

Ask you employer.


What would happen if you or I went up to our employer and asked for a raise, reason being we recklessly and stupidly spent ourselves into massive debt... and we refuse to make more than token changes to our lifestyle? What would our employer say?

Party Time!!!


What should we do to celebrate my 1000th comment? Man I need to get a life :)

Yellow Light, or Orange Light?


My wife and I often have an argument on what to call the center light of a stoplight. She almost becomes irate when I call it an orange light, because she contends that everyone else in the world calls it a yellow light. I tell her that I have heard ...

Chiefs: Who should stay and who should go?


What a depressing end to a depressing season. Although not expecting much, I still expected better than 2-14. I cannot even get angry anymore as depression over the Chiefs have taken over. The remotes are safe. They used to get thrown when the Chiefs had a chance for the playoffs ...


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