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Magical Stoplights

GAWD do I hate the stoplights of Lawrence Kansas. Obviously, there is a higher power out there pulling our strings, making us wait for what seems like hours a year at local intersections. I can only guess what the traffic-commisioner-stoplight-programmer-puppeteer-commandant-in-control-of-the-timing has to gain by making lawrence motorists wastes thousands of gallons of fuel sitting at empty intersections. But, what I do know are the lights that have the most magical spell cast over them. You know the ones: twenty cars forced to stop on US-40 at folks road, so that one southbound car can turn left onto 6th. Somebody very important must live north up there. I notice the northbound light doesn't change with the same frequency...HMMM? Downtown lights make pretty good sense-they turn over regularly and predictably. Way to go city-you did something right. Remember when the city tried to synch up the lights on Iowa? Oh ya! You get get from 6th st. to 23rd in like 3-minutes. Not sure what happened there, but those were fun times. Somebody sure didn't like waiting at 15th, excuse me-bob billings memorial developmental causeway. Aside from the waste of precious fuel (I live like the road warrior), we must consider the impact of thousands of cars forced to stop for a minority of cross-traffic and the environmental impact of thousands of cars sitting at intersections polluting our air.... I am sure that if you travel in Lawrence you have your own pet peeve-stoplights....Now then, it is time to speak up and be heard-give me your most hated stoplights, or I will make them all flashing red.