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how do you prepare turkey?

man, I don't know how to cook a turkey at all. I know that a fried turkey tastes great, but sounds impossibly dangerous/complicated/wasteful to pull off. oven-roasted? how do you you keep it moist? this is the classic look:

how about some wild variations?

this looks marvelous:

cajun turkey?

buffalo-wing turkey? turkey pizza? salmon-wrapped turkey? how do you cook up your specialty, and what is the craziest variation you have ever had? lookit lookit.....bacon-turkey!


weapons bans coming soon?

What's going on these days? I am all for guns, but do we really need high-capacity pistols? Or high capacity assault rifles? It seems that the only thing they are good at is not defending yourself from a bunch of bad guys, but killing a bunch of strangers. Is it that hard to reload your trusty 1911? And now this deal in ft. hood. Was it a u.s. citizen? how did he obtain these guns? was he an islamic terrorist? if we allow high-capacity magazines, shouldn't we allow government sponsored health care? if the swiss can do it, why can't we?


A speculation concerning sarah palin

oh, the internet was buzzing with rumors that Sarah Palin was possibly involved in a divorce-but she flat out denied those allegations claiming it was a media attack on her family. We must assume that these divorce rumors are completely false. Many a single man out there (you know who you are) felt the roller coaster ride of elation: "could I possibly snag a date with sarah?" then, back down the hill of despair: "aw shucks, I guess she is gonna stay with Todd the Bod."
WARNING: these are speculations and nothing else. but such a mass hysteria (including a cover on the people magazine claiming Divorce) is unheard of, or is it not? Has the media crossed the line?