Police Scanner action in Lawrence Kansas

Police Scanner Action in Lawrence, Kansas, Dec 16

Chelsea Kapfer

Fairly quiet night out there. It did seem like there was a Mass Street Saturation there for a bit; several calls in a row. Nothing serious though. There was a call to 14th and Kentucky at about 3a.m.- some people were twirling baton- which were on fire. The incident was ...

Masked Gunman At Wal-Mart

Chelsea Kapfer

Holy Moly! A masked gunman-yes, carrying a gun- walked into Wal-mart last night and walked to the Western Union counter. I was unable to discern if he actually got any money, due to the fact this happened during my 3-year-olds birthday party and I was having a heck of a ...

December 12

Chelsea Kapfer

Cops did a great job catching an armed intruder last night. Check out the play-by-play action, with many other calls, at www.lawrencepolicescanner.blogspot.com

West 24th Street Area

Chelsea Kapfer

This area is the new Redbud Lane. The police had an insane amount of calls here all weekend long. The calls ranged from civil standby, to domestic, to noise complaint, to a witnessed armed burglary that led to subject being apprehended at gunpoint at the BP station in Overbrook. By ...

weekend action

Chelsea Kapfer

Let's see what happens this weekend. Last weekend was pretty rough around town. Stay informed and check us out at; WWW.LAWRENCEPOLICESCANNER.BLOGSPOT.COM see ya there!

Just another Tuesday night....

Chelsea Kapfer

A quiet night in Lawrence for our men in blue. There seemed to be an unusually high number of "barking dog" calls, even one on Barker Street. A few car wrecks, a couple of drunken brawls, and a fall at The Replay Lounge. Check out the action, as it happens, ...

Quiet Night

Chelsea Kapfer

Very calm and quiet night tonight. The scanner spit out a few "check welfares", a couple of medical calls and the normal Redbud Lane disturbances. Our little town could use a break from the burglaries, shooting and stabbings that have taken place over the last few days. Things like that ...

shooting and stabbing

Chelsea Kapfer

A stabbing and a shooting occured, not related, in a half-an-hours time. Check out the action on lawrencepolicescanner.blogspot.com And then a disturbance call on Redbud Lane, of course.

Friday night

Chelsea Kapfer

Tonight was the night for burglaries and burglary alarms. Weird how incidents seem to group together. The burglaries ranged from the one earlier on Louisiana Street-serious business- to a gal getting her pizza stolen at the dorm. There was your regular run of welfare checks for drunk people passed out ...

Thwarted Burglary on Louisiana Street

Chelsea Kapfer

lawrence police did an awesome job catching these guys! Check out play-by-play action at lawrencepolicescanner.blogspot.com


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