Police Scanner action in Lawrence Kansas

Police Scanner Update

Chelsea Kapfer

Hello concerned citizens....I have taken a bit of a break from blogging, but rest assured, I am back, ready to go, and ready to document the events as I hear them over the scanner. My last blog post questioned if New Years Resolutions were keeping the scanner quiet, and while ...

Are New Years Resolutions keeping the police scanner quiet?

Chelsea Kapfer

I have been listening to the police scanner the last couple of nights, as usual. Or, should I say not listening- there hasn't been a lot of action to write about. Oh yeah, you've got the usual Redbud/ Ridge Court Drama, etc, etc...but compared to last month it has seemed ...

Police Scanner Action for 1/3/11

Chelsea Kapfer

The night of listening to the radio started with a missing child who, thank goodness, was found. As the evening progressed the police dealt with the usual variety of domestics, false alarms, unconscious subjects and falls. One call was to The Outhouse, for a fall...and then I heard she was ...

Lawrence Police Scanner-Photo Shoot

Chelsea Kapfer

Today we went out and did a photo shoot which took us to the "bad" areas of town. By "bad", I mean the areas that seem to keep popping up when I listen to my scanner. You know- Redbud Lane, Easy Living Trailer Park, Jayhawk Motel...etc. It was very interesting ...

Police Scanner Action- False Burglary Alarms

Chelsea Kapfer

While listening to my scanner and hearing the "goings-ons" in Lawrence, Kansas, I have noticed a pesky little problem; false burglary alarms. Some days, it seems like there are at least 30 calls, all of which are false. I don't have the actual numbers from the Douglas County dispatch, I ...

Lawrence Kansas Police Scanner

Chelsea Kapfer

Christmas is over, and so, it seems, are the overabundance of domestic disturbance calls- or any calls at all after 2a.m. Our men in blue sure could use a well-deserved break from all the action, and it seems that tonight they got it. It got a little crazy early in ...

Lawrence Police Scanner

Chelsea Kapfer

Merry Christmas to everyone. I was forced to take a little break from the scanner due to equipment failure. We did have a lot of unfortunate happenings this Christmas, but I hope you all had nothing but good times. Just wanted to let you all know that I am back ...

Homeland Security, TSA approves Santa to fly....

Chelsea Kapfer

After passing through the "nakedizer", having his beard combed through by TSA agents, passing a cavity search, background check, luggage search, he has been given clearance, and is in route to all the good little boys and girls.

Police Scanner Action- Holiday week

Chelsea Kapfer

Statistically, crime rises with Holidays. I plan on spending a lot of time with the scanner and computer this week. I want to know what is going on, and I bet you do too. Tune in often and see what is REALLY happening in your neighborhood. Happy Holidays, keep yourself ...

Saturday Night, as heard on the police scanner

Chelsea Kapfer

So this is what I do; I listen to my police scanner and, as some would say, "regurgitate" what I hear on a blog. I am able to do this through the night becuase my job allows it. Before anyone can say anything- I am not neglecting ANY duties, and ...

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