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"Shout Out" to the Lawrence Police


I would just like to take a second and say what an awesome job our police force does. I, as you know, listen to the scanner constantly. I hear all the ridiculous calls they have to answer, all the false burglary alarms they respond to, all the foolishly drunk people they contend with, and all the drama on Redbud Lane.

I have noticed a huge increase in news reports of police officers being shot. Every call they respond to is a potentially fatal one. They do this every single day, most with wife (or husband) and children at home.

So this is just a quick note of thanks, for all that the police do.

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jimroberts 7 years, 3 months ago

I would like to echo what Chelsea said...we do not thank our public safety employees as often times as we need/ought to. Working odd hours, holidays, cold/hot weather, and dealing with societal problems on a daily basis is a thankless job. Many of my friends and neighbors have the most respect for what our police officers do and the standards they have set for their profession. GOOD JOB LAWRENCE POLICE!!!!

p.s. Chelsea, thanks for the blog and updates. I would like to see a police blotter either on the Journal World website or the police departments website to show just how busy the officers are on the street. I recently started listening to the police scanner and became overwhelmed with the amount of police calls our police department handles with so few officers working.

Chelsea Kapfer 7 years, 3 months ago

I am glad you enjoy reading my blog! It should be noted that my blog isn't even close to a complete listing of all the calls the busy police deal with....and I forgot to "shout out" to dispatch, EMS and Fire. It never ceases to amaze me when someone calls 911 and then is uncooperative with the call taker. I have even heard them receive threats! Dealing with drunk, angry, psychotic, hurt or scared people is no easy task. Then try to get information from them to get them the help the need...well, my hats off to you guys!!!

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