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Friday Fight Night


Holy bar fight! I can't believe how many fights I heard over the scanner last night. The cops were crazy-busy, but pulled it off like champs. Mad props to Dispatch as well. everyone stayed calm, cool and collected.

I blogged what I could- it was coming rapidly and I just couldn't catch it all. During the middle of it all, at about 2:00 a.m., there was a "request to speak to an officer" call. Caller wanted to complain at the traffic at 14th and Ohio. Really? What in the heck to you expect the police to do at 2:00a.m.? Install traffic lights? Put up barricades? Rezone? I just thought it was ridiculous.

The students are here, and they are rowdy! along with a ton of fights, lots of DUI's. Come on guys- i don't know how much simplier it can be- if you drink, don't drive!

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