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January 19th Rundown


As expected there were many, many calls for non-injury accidents and motorist assists. When I was driving to work I saw more cars on the side of the road than actually driving on the road. The police had a couple of calls i feel were somewhat inappropriate; one caller needed help turning off her water (a plumber maybe?) and another caller was locked out of her house ( uhhh...locksmith?). I have heard in the past a call to police because someone had a racoon in their roof ( exterminator or landlord?).

The students are definately back- a fight at Naismith, a couple of drunks walking home. One call was for a drunk kid on 13th and Tennesse. One of my readers informed me that the police caught up to him at 17th and Tennessee and a good samaratin neighbor gave the kid a ride home. Love that! It is way too cold to walk while intoxicated, and I hate it when people are arrested when walking home. Just glad they aren't driving.

Definately the most interesting call was a car accident on K-10. A police officer was transporting a subject to the county jail and got in an accident. This occurred at 2:45 a.m. Medics were called to the scene and triaged a code green (minor injuries). Westbound traffic on K-10 was closed until after 4am. Just glad no one was seriously injured.

Lots of other stuff you might like to read- like the call that just came over right now that a semi just took out a stop sign at 6th and Mass and took off. And ran a red light. Check it out; http://www.lawrencepolicescanner.blogspot.com


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