Defining Moments: Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?


The first day of school has come and gone and in my house, that’s the official end to summer. I don’t know about anyone else but this summer was definitely more exciting and action packed than previous ones. We’ve had an unexpected out of state guest (teenager) dropped on our ...

Painful Words


Over the last month I’ve witnessed several vicious attacks. It would start with a comment and then someone would slap the commentator. Next thing you know bystanders were also taking swings. It was absolutely brutal. The worst part is that these attacks weren’t physical these attacks were verbal/written words. When ...

Family Time


Earlier today I was talking with some friends about “family time”. For some, family time is with those you share the same blood. For others, family time is time spent with those in your heart. Since I was the youngest of a blended family (3 sisters, 2 step-brothers and a ...

More Dating Questions!


I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my last blog. Not just the comments and advice on the blog but by the private messages I received behind the scenes. There are a lot more singles out there, of all ages, that either had questions that were answered by the ...

Over 30 and Trying to Date


After much talk with my female friends I have decided it’s time to start dating again. It’s been several years since I last dated and I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s time to start a new chapter in my life. Since I have been out of the dating ...

What's In A Friend?


Recently I’ve been going through an extremely rough time. In order to do the right thing I have had to ruffle some feathers. I lost friends; at least I thought they were friends but now I wonder. I’ve also discovered that I have an untapped network of friends. People I ...

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