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Tuscon tragedy, what to do?


I don't know what motivated the shooting, if he acted alone, if he was mentally deranged and if he was influenced by politics and which side. One of Giffords' favorite charities now has a special fund,Those wishing to donate can log on to: www.communityfoodbank.org . I thought it was nice of the family to direct support for them in this way. It is the old neighborly, bringing a dish to the family, in this case to the community table. I feel that any donation to local food banks in honor of her service and in reaction to the attack would be appropriate. I felt a need to do something useful in reaction to this hateful act.

Those wishing to make a donation in memory of Christina Taylor Green may do so by: Logging on to the website of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona at www.cfsoaz.org and clicking on the link to the Christina Taylor Green Memorial Fund,

I am interested in finding out if different memorial funds or assistant funds set up in relationship with the Tucson shooting. I have identified two. But wish I could donate to all. I don't feel any victim is more important than the other, my heart goes out to the families of the slain and the wounded.


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