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Why Brownback is yellow


Sam Brownback is against putting terrorists into prison. I think if they are terrorists they should be tried and go to prison. He is scared that the American system isn't good enough to imprison people. He wants to keep them in a camp in Cuba. I don't think camps are a good idea. We have a system and while not perfect it is part of how our country does things and I think he should respect that. I also worry if terrorists escape from the camp in Cuba, we won't get help recapturing them. Cuba might even help the terrorist to escape and they will again be a direct threat. I am disgusted that he is ready to desert our American system of rights and court because he thinks he might have to have some part of defending the system. We ask the men and women of the forces to fight, we hire corporations to send people to the front lines. We need to be responsible for a righteous home front, not be cowards.


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