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I do not agree that celebrities have no right to privacy. Everyone should have a right to privacy. The argument that an entertainer or anyone who gains financial reward through fame creates some automatic license to dispense with courtesy. The yellow journalists are out of bounds, they should have better manners. I do not care if they can sell the picture, they are still responsible for their treatment of another person.

I find it distressing that often hatred can be expressed or excused with the comment, " Now you have to admit he/she is weird" so anything goes in speculation or personal attack. Some of the weirdest people I have known have sterling character and gentle kind spirits. Imagination and sensitivity can combine for quirky and great humanity. Some of the most disgusting people I have met are quite traditional acting but lacked self awareness and sense of self responsibility.

Intellect is not some instant button of righteous, like most tools it can be used in a multiple of ways and can also mislead one to think that one is right. While I like an well made argument I try to remember arguments are made within a context and time and space as well as priority can change the character and truth of an argument.


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 9 months ago

Too true. Everyone is weird to someone and using the word to describe anything and anyone just shows a lack of vocabulary. It is a quick and easy way to deal with something, and maybe get a cheap laugh at the same time.

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