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Bringing charges against the trash service


I looking at the mounting piles of trash appearing around town. I watched sanitation workers spend 2o minutes cleaning up a mess left by tenants and I know neither the tenants or landlord will be paying for the extra time. The sanitation workers did a good job, our community is healthier and prettier thanks to them. The Sanitation Division will make me pay for this. It will be part of my trash bill, the expense will be part of why we can't have improved recycling service, it will be why my bill will be higher next year. I put out my trash in containers, according to their rules.

I once put out some limbs. a foot too long, got a tag, got the message and fixed it. No bitterness was involved . I think if the landlords and tenants knew it would cost them rather than me, things would be different. Landlords might encourage tenants to donate items, to have free sales, to package their trash like everyone else has to. Tenants should at least be hit with information how to be better at putting out something as simple as trash. I have complained and know other people have complained. The sanitation department said there is nothing they can do. I think there is. I also wonder if there is some way to charge them for selective enforcement.
Here are some of the rules. They seem fair and I think express consideration for people, they have provisions for the elderly and poor, they have addressed hazardous material, they have a liberal bulk pickup, they only thing they don't have is the will to enforce their own rules, except by whim or prejudice.

repost from earlier comment: There is regulation to prevent the mile high piles and to make the tenants or landlords pay, rather than putting the costs on all of us. It is not against the law to dispose of appliances through our system. You just call Bulk pickup. You do have to do safety things, like remove or lock refrigerator, freezer doors. It is part of our current service. There are provisions to assist the people who would be burdened by sanitation costs or changes. Excuse me for length of comment but if people knew the regulations, there would be less illegal dumping. Some fools take an old chair and dump it on the edge of someone's field, when they can put it curbside and call bulk pickup. As a “Hello” don't put a couch upside down in a dumpster, just put it beside the dumpster or call bulk pickup. For trash rules, http://www.ci.lawrence.ks.us/city_code/ and click on chapter 9.

City code (4) Charges which cannot be collected from the tenants either during their occupancy or after they vacate the premises will be billed to the building owner. 9-412.7 bulk pick-up. No extra charge will be made for bulk pickup of residential refuse. … Residential customers desiring collection of items such as refrigerators, ranges, bed frames, washers, water heaters, air conditioners, etc., can make arrangements with the Director of Public Works for this service. charges, low-income elderly persons. The purpose of this Section is to permit qualified low-income elderly person to have reduced sanitation charges. A low-income elderly person is one who is sixty (60) years of age or more on or before the 1st day of January of the year in which the reduced service charge is applicable. To qualify for this low- income elderly person reduced sanitation service charge: (A) The individual shall have an income during the preceding calendar year from all sources of less than $11,440 or (B) Any person who is the head of a family with a family income during the preceding calendar year from all sources of less than $15,400; (C) The individual must meet the qualifications of this Section.9-416

recycling of waste material. The City shall have the right to control and regulate recycling services within the City limits. No person shall operate a door-to-door service for the code of the city of lawrence, kansas 9-16 collection of recyclable material from residential, business, or other premises within the City unless authorized by license or other formal agreement with the City. Any person so licensed shall be required to comply with regulations established by the Director of Public Works. (Ord. 6061; Ord. 6155)


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 8 months ago

Thanks for this blog. This is something that needs to be paid attention to. This is on the purely individual level as each one of us is responsible for the garbage we put out. I put something on my garbage bags, can't recall what now, to foil the dog next door from ripping open the bags. I went out the next morning and my bags were the only intact ones on the whole block. My neighbor was furious with me for hurting her dogs nose, and for interfering with his just doing what dogs do. Then we have people who tear open bags hoping to find something. I have had to rebag because of this. This is a many pronged problem but it could be solved if, and I do want to emphasize if, people just used a little common sense and cleaned up after themselves.

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