Tuscon tragedy, what to do?


I don't know what motivated the shooting, if he acted alone, if he was mentally deranged and if he was influenced by politics and which side. One of Giffords' favorite charities now has a special fund,Those wishing to donate can log on to: . I thought it was nice ...

Racism, Open conversation or sickening argument rant.


I recently spouted off about racism. I said "probably doesn't know he is a racist, he 'really" feels that way. We need to understand that legislation alone doesn't eradicate racism. Legislation is a crucial step but the more important step is open dialogue and discussion of the issues and roots. ...

Why Brownback is yellow


Sam Brownback is against putting terrorists into prison. I think if they are terrorists they should be tried and go to prison. He is scared that the American system isn't good enough to imprison people. He wants to keep them in a camp in Cuba. I don't think camps are ...

culture of mind your manners?


I was raised by Democrats, well I think Mom sometimes canceled Dad's vote. It was done politely, just by stepping behind the curtain. My extended family is mixed, both the elephants and donkeys are at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I was taught to respect people for their actions, their behavior ...

Bringing charges against the trash service


I looking at the mounting piles of trash appearing around town. I watched sanitation workers spend 2o minutes cleaning up a mess left by tenants and I know neither the tenants or landlord will be paying for the extra time. The sanitation workers did a good job, our community is ...



I do not agree that celebrities have no right to privacy. Everyone should have a right to privacy. The argument that an entertainer or anyone who gains financial reward through fame creates some automatic license to dispense with courtesy. The yellow journalists are out of bounds, they should have better ...

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