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Islamic extremists in a quiet English town


England's war dead from Iraq and Afghanistan, after being flown into Lyneham, pass through a little town called Wootton Bassett en route to the coroner at an Oxford hospital. People have been assembling along the route for several years, giving tribute to the servicemen and women who have given their ...

Stalker in an SUV


A family member was returning from work one night, driving south on Wakarusa, when a car pulled onto the road, cut across the other lane, and nearly clipped our car. Family Member honked a rather short burst on the horn; kept going. After they turned east on Sixth Street, the ...



Last night at the dinner table, we were talking about worn-out words and phrases that we'd like to see retired from the language, or at least shortened considerably.My top choice at the moment: "In these tough economic times." This phrase serves a useful purpose, as it gives newscasters something to ...

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