LJWorld.com weblogs Reality Check w/ Ben Swann...

It appears, the LJW does not want anyone outside the states, watching their videos.


Having moved to Australia a couple years ago, it was nice to come to the site, and view footage of KU sporting events, news, etc.

But apparently, the LJW has had a change of heart, about allowing viewers outside of the United States, viewing their materials. (Let us not forget, they want to charge you for an online version of the newspaper, when it costs them less to use this method rather than pay to have it printed on paper.)

Maybe this is an oversight on the webmasters fault.

But with today's day and age...

"We taped this, this is our content, and we will show whomever we want to..."

i can only assume the worst.

Either this site needs to state in a message when clicking a video, that the content is not available in your area, or give open access to people that care about the Lawrence community, regardless of their distance from ground zero. I spent many a nanoseconds trying to figure why I no longer even got the advertisements.


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