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Illegal immigrant amnesty?


you know its going to happen inevitably.

but what would your list be, in order to allow this process to occur?

my first two years of work in australia, as a legal immigrant, were taxed almost double to the average citizen.

what should it be for those who illegally crossed the border, to gain your forgiveness?

first five years of employment they pay triple the tax?

they must perform five years of community service?

they must simply say 'im sorry' in english?


KUinAussie 6 years, 9 months ago

entered on a visitor visa, got married (met my wife online three years prior to marriage), bridging visa, temporary residence, permanent residency.

started working while on the bridging visa.

my two years were up a few weeks ago, so now i am taxed the same rate as aussie citizens.

id rather not post my exact location by im in the blue mountains west of katoomba.

but legal residency/immigration isnt the issue here.

i am talking about those who entered the usa ILLEGALLY.

you know they are going to get amnesty, but what would you like to see that include, as penalties/fines go?

KUinAussie 6 years, 9 months ago

the problem is, illegals are NOT paying taxes. and how often have you heard a mexican will work for cash and send the money back to mexico.

KUinAussie 6 years, 9 months ago

i stand corrected.

i did some checking as well, which countered what i thought was the truth.

that said, illegals, are still a burden on other parts of the system. this seems the easiest topic IMO to fix regarding budget deficits, and debt strains.

i will not lie, a certain percentage of my decision to leave america was partly due to the way illegals are given 'preferential treatment' (i use this term loosely.)


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