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GOP Representatives Not Only Don't Get It... They Can't Even Answer a Simple Question

Ernest Barteldes

As some readers might remember, last week I wrote a piece questioning why the GOP-led House of Representatives was spending tax dollars to retain private counsel to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the courts after the White House instructed Attorney General Eric Holder not to to do ...

Why Are My Tax Dollars Being Used To Defend DOMA?

Ernest Barteldes

Why Are My Tax Dollars defending DOMA? By Ernest Barteldes When President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage act back in 1996, it was nothing but a political move: with the general election looming, he wanted the topic (which was beginning to make some waves back then after Hawaii allowed ...

A Short History of Bigotry In America

Ernest Barteldes

Given all the controversy over the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” in Lower Manhattan and all the discussion over immigration reform, a more liberal-minded person would probably think that the United States has suddenly become bigoted thanks to the likes of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and their Tea Party supporters. However, ...

Moving Blog to WordPress

Ernest Barteldes

In spite of the fact that I have enjoyed blogging in these pages, I have decided that it would be better to move my weekly rant space to another website. The reasons for this have nothing to do with the quality of readership, traffic or anything like that. I was ...

Philadelphia: It Really Loves You Back

Ernest Barteldes Last weekend, my wife and I paid yet another visit to the City of Brotherly Love – being my fifth time since relocating to the United States almost nine years ago. Philadelphia is one of those towns that is always pleasurable to visit, not only because most of the ...

Cleveland: A City Worth Visiting

Ernest Barteldes

CLEVELAND: WHY NOT? By Ernest Barteldes When I told friends that my wife and I had booked a trip to Cleveland for Labor Day weekend, most of our friends gave us a puzzled look. “What's in Cleveland? ” many asked. Others wondered why we hadn't booked a trip to say, ...

Rio, The Happiest City? No Surprise There

Ernest Barteldes

“My Soul Sings/I See Rio de Janeiro I miss it so much/ Rio, your sea, endless beaches/Rio, you were made for me” Antonio Carlos Jobim, I can't say that I was surprised when I heard that Rio de Janeiro was voted “the world's happiest city” by Forbes Magazine earlier this ...

New York Celebrates Brazil on Labor Day

Ernest Barteldes

The 25th Anniversary of Brazilian Day in New York by Ernest Barteldes Sunday, September 6 W 46th Street and 6th Ave. 12-6 PM Ever since I moved to New York almost nine years ago (though it doesn't seem that long – time really flies), I have looked forward ...

Loud Fury

Ernest Barteldes

In my experience, when there is a debate going on and one of the sides begins screaming just to try to shut the other side up, it means that the discussion is over. The screaming side has lost, and their reaction is clearly a desperate way to try and turn ...

My Beef with... Well, Beef

Ernest Barteldes

At a recent BBQ outing with my wife and a couple of friends, someone I was talking to was surprised by the fact that I don't eat beef. “How do you live?” she asked with a genuine tone of surprise in her voice. What I responded was the same thing ...

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